10 Things I have Learned In Paraguay

By: Cora Avery


Ever wonder what knowledge being fully-immersed in another country will give you? Here are 10 things I learned while living in Paraguay.

1. You can never have too many cookies—they help you make it through the day.

2. Family can be more than the people you left behind. Family can extend to everyone down here – they all connect with you on a level deeper then you expect. It’s beautiful, terrifying, and real.

3. You’re better off sleeping on cots then beds.

4. Sunsets can get better – Paraguay has the most gorgeous sunsets of ANYWHERE I’ve seen.

5. Love is not communicated through words. For that matter, support isn’t either.

6. Distance truly does grow shorter with time.

7. Relationships you create are more important than the valuables that you leave behind.

8. Roosters wake up at 3:30 every morning. So that means you do, too.

9. Everyone you meet is just as nervous as you. Awkward silences are now a part of the routine.

10. Value time you spend together – it’s the time you’re going to remember.

Natalie Murdock

Natalie spends her days marketing for AMIGOS, and her nights snuggling with her beagles while reading parenting books.