2016-2017 Alumni Representatives Program

The past couple of weeks have been filled with incredible stories from participants talking about their summer experience. Welcome Home Parties have also included a lot of past alumni who are talking about how AMIGOS is still impacting their school and careers. It is incredible to see the transformation.

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As school starts and a new group of students prepare to become AMIGOS, it is easy to see the influence of our alumni. Most of the participants that come into AMIGOS heard about the program in a classroom or from a family or friend that was part of the program. Our alumni are out there in those classrooms presenting and sharing their experience, and it has a powerful effect. Hearing the first hand account of living in community with a host family in Latin America empowers interested students to become involved.

Make an impact this year as a member of the Alumni Representatives Program. This program is available to all past AMIGOS participants in high school and college who are not already working with a local chapter. This is an exciting opportunity for alumni across the country to be the face of AMIGOS at their school. We want to provide tools as you continue your leadership development, offer support as you share your personal experience with new participants, and create avenues for you to stay connected with AMIGOS alumni all over the world.

Friendship: meet and reconnect with alumni across the country
Leadership: develop public speaking abilities
Independence: create your own outreach initiatives
Opportunity: advantage in future project staff applications
Support: flexible schedule and accessible online resources
Recommendation: written letter from the National Office
Swag: wear it and and share it with friends!

For more information about the Alumni Representatives Program, please join us for an online information session.
Option One: Monday, August 29 at 7pm Central
Option Two: Tuesday, August 30 at 7pm Central


Lauren Kelley

Lauren Kelley

Lauren is part of our outreach team and loves to hear stories from past participants. Be sure to tell her all about your favorite sights, foods, and experiences from Latin America.
Lauren Kelley