2016 Bay Area Youth Ambassadors training has begun!

Youth Ambassadors

On Monday April 25th, the Bay Area Youth Ambassadors cohort began their pre-trip training.

Our group in general is just wonderful – very open, communicative, and kind. They bonded very quickly, which was awesome to see, and we have a lot of diverse perspectives that are brought to the table, which led to some great conversations! During their CBI presentations, they were all offering suggestions about different organizations that their peers could partner with already! They are also trying to plan their own pre-trip get-together, which would include a pool party!” – Caroline Bybee, Project Associate

What is the Youth Ambassadors Program?

Youth participants are competitively selected to study community development, civic engagement, as well as leadership theories and practice through a three-week international training. In 2016, San Francisco Bay Area participants travel to Uruguay; Ecuadorian participants to Houston, Texas; and Paraguayan and Uruguayan participants travel together to San Francisco, California.

Adult mentors are teachers, youth educators, or college students studying education, international relations (or related fields) who have a passion for mentoring young leaders. Mentors chaperone youth abroad for 3 weeks, live an immersive lifestyle while in another country, and support program staff in the development and facilitation of community and leadership development workshops.

Learn more about these programs and how to apply!

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