The 2017 project leadership team of Azuero is striving to build upon our successes and create opportunities for international youth to collaborate with Panamanian youth in projects of environmental sustainability to create hubs of youth leadership for environmental stewardship. This year’s project will bring together youth participants from across the U.S., the indigenous Guna Yala region on the northeast Caribbean coast of Panama, and over twenty Azuero communities. They will participate in cultural exchange, collaboration around conservation and reforestation, and realization of our roles as global citizens and leaders.

Hands-on conservation and intensive environmental education are two programmatic elements that we are thrilled to be augmenting in the 2017 project. The project is working closely with the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente) and other local organizations to bring students from local high schools and colleges to join the international participants in the Reserva for a remarkable weekend of youth collaboration on environmental stewardship.

Forming new collaborations and constructing avenues for local youth participation are priorities for this project. We are in discussion with many groups and organizations to develop an enriched AMIGOS experience for local youth. These programs are in line with our goal of continuing to diversify AMIGOS programs and make involvement with AMIGOS more transformative for Latin American youth.

We have never been more proud to be AMIGOS. We believe in cross-cultural collaboration where young leaders explore how they can engage with the world in the most responsible, thoughtful, and critical way. We are so proud of our international and national participants for choosing to come to Azuero this summer, celebrate Panamanian culture, and discover what it means to be an environmental steward!


The Azuero Summer Leadership Team has committed to raising at least $2,000 to fund AMIGOS programs. We believe that the work of AMIGOS has never been more crucial and we need to sustain our programs and pursue our global vision.

The Azuero 2017 Project Leadership team sincerely appreciates any gift you are able to make!

¡Muchísima gracias!


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