Chapter Leaders Meeting


We are excited to host the 2019 Chapter Leaders Meeting in Houston, TX! 


Location & Times:
Modern B&B in Houston, Texas.
We will begin this meeting on Friday, March 1st 2019 with a welcome dinner and introductory session. We ask that attendees arrive by 4 PM to transport to the meeting location before we begin. We will host our workshop sessions all day Saturday, March 2nd and conclude by 12 PM on Sunday, March 3rd.

Meeting Fees:
Your meeting fees will cover your lodging, food, and materials. Flights and airport transport not included. Meeting fees will be billed to your chapter in the March billing statement. This meeting cost is $450 with hotel included and $200 with no hotel.

Please book your own travel arriving to IAH or HOU airports in Houston.
Once you have booked your flights please send a copy of the details to [email protected] so we can share this information with other attendees in the pre-meeting materials. This will allow attendees to coordinate transport to and from the B&B.

Please complete your registration below for the 2019 Chapter Leaders Meeting in Houston, TX. AMIGOS requests each chapter to send a representative to attend the meeting, voice their chapters questions and return back to their chapter to report out on the workshop. Any chapter leader can attend on behalf of their board but we do recommend sending the Chapter President, Vice President or key individual slated to move into a leadership role in the future.



  • Strengthen your leadership skills to manage the success of your chapter.
  • Inspire your chapter board members to build on their success and strategize for the future of AMIGOS.
  • Learn to delegate activities to strengthen fundraising, training, and recruitment so that you can build a successful, engaged board.
  • Network between chapter leaders and staff members to build trust, connect, and learn best practices.

Simple Agenda

The detailed meeting agenda is forthcoming. Please expect to receive agenda topics one month in advance of this meeting to give ample time for your board to discuss these at your February board meeting. This will help prepare your chapter leader attending with key questions and feedback regarding important discussions and sessions.

  • Friday, March 1st
    • 12pm-4pm: Arrivals
    • 5pm: Welcome dinner & happy hour
    • 6-8pm: Introductions, ice breakers & sessions
  • Saturday, March 2nd
    • 8am: Breakfast
    • 9am-5pm: Workshop sessions & breakouts
    • 6pm: Group dinner (within walking distance of B&B)
  • Sunday, March 3rd
    • 8am: Breakfast
    • 9am-12pm: Workshop sessions & closer
    • 12pm-3pm: Departures

Meeting materials forthcoming.