Meet your Project Director!
Chontales, Nicaragua

Cara Sandels, Chontales PD

Hi everyone! I’m Cara, the AMIGOS Project Director of the Chontales, Nicaragua project this summer. I recently returned from my survey of the project area and I’m excited to report that we have an awesome project in the making!

I was blown away by the gorgeous landscapes looking out from Juigalpa, our staff city, where we are surrounded by the Amerrisque and la Cordillera Chontaleña mountains- check out my pictures!

During my time in Chontales I met with our wonderful partner agency representatives from PLAN Nicaragua to plan our extracurricular activities, Community Based Initiative Processes, and Youth Encountros (big events with AMIGOS participants and many local youth).  AMIGOS has built a strong relationship with PLAN on many of our projects over the years- including ones that I have been part of in the past- and we are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated and talented group of people to collaborate with this summer.

Working with PLAN

A huge part of the cultural exchange aspect of AMIGOS is taking the time to get to know a culture by simply spending time with people. I shared many meals with my host family in Juigalpa and got to know the family pretty well! They showed me around the city and we talked about many parts of Nicaraguan culture, including the upcoming semana santa, which is a Catholic holiday as well as a cultural celebration observed in many Latin American countries.

Delicious homemade cheese and tortillas!

I just returned from our project survey and I’m already missing Nicaragua. I look forward to keeping all you updated on our activities as we continue to set up a successful project. I’ll be adding posts throughout the program, including as we lead up to the arrival of participants in country.

For those of you who are AMIGOS participants or parents this year, I look forward to going over our Project Information Packet with you soon. Keep your eyes out for an email!

I’m so excited to meet all of the participants this year and can’t wait to get back to Juigalpa in May!

There are still a few spots left on our Chontales Project this summer! Click here to get more details – and be sure to apply by the April 15th deadline!