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My name is Enzo Soenen and I’m the project director for Amigos de las Americas Youth Ambassadors in Colorado this summer!

Our team consists of myself, our project coordinator, Toby Walecka, and our health and wellness coordinator, Taylor Crownover.

Enzo Soenen: Project Director

You could say I come from an AMIGOS family; my siblings Katiana and Pablo Soenen were both AMIGOS volunteers (in Oaxaca and Chimborazo) and they have both grown so much through this organization over the years, and it has been wonderful hearing all about their experiences. In fact, my sister Katiana is also working as a program director this summer (in Ecuador)! I love working with students and facilitating learning activities because I love to teach and see students grow. This year I’ve been working as a private guitar teacher at a locally-owned guitar school in Austin, Texas. I recently graduated with a degree in music performance and plan to always have music be a part of my life. I’ve gotten to work with students of all ages and definitely hope to teach in some form for the rest of my working days. My parents immigrated from Chile and Belgium, and they taught my siblings and me to value diversity and love learning about other cultures. I love how AMIGOS shares those values, and am so excited that we get to work on a program that will create so many wonderful experiences full of growth, diversity, and learning for everyone involved this summer!


Taylor Crownover: Health and Wellness Coordinator

I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Sociology and Public Health. My first personal involvement with AMIGOS was volunteering in Santa Elena, Ecuador for eight weeks in 2019. I then went on to be a volunteer trainer for the Austin, TX AMIGOS chapter. I became very familiar with the health and safety practices of the organizations and how to deal with any difficult situations that might arise. My family has had extensive experience with AMIGOS, both my parents began as volunteers in the ‘90s, to project directors, and worked in the AMIGOS Houston Headquarters for many years. This will be my first summer working on staff for AMIGOS, and I can’t wait to be continuing my involvement with the organization. I feel prepared and excited to fulfill the health and wellness role to ensure physical and mental well-being for our summer volunteers!


Toby Walecka: Project Coordinator

I am so excited to be the project coordinator for these awesome programs this summer! I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but I have been in St. Paul, MN for the last four years where I recently graduated with a degree in economics. I first became involved in AMIGOS when I was a volunteer on the Paraguay summer program in 2016. I have stayed connected with AMIGOS since then through being on training staff for the East Bay Chapter and being a staff member on the first virtual programs and was most recently a project coordinator in Costa Rica last summer. I am really looking forward to another incredible summer with AMIGOS!