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GOOD NEWS: BBC polls says ‘global citizenship’ is on the rise.” 

By Yosola Olorunshola on April 28, 2016, 

It’s always wonderful to wake up to a headline like this.

A recent BBC World Service poll shows that people are increasingly choosing to identify as ‘global’ citizens first and foremost. Moving beyond a perspective that focusses on borders and national differences, more and more people are embracing an identity as citizens of the world. It’s important to note that a sense of “global citizenship” does not replace a person’s identity as belonging to a certain nation – rather, it is in addition to that national identity that a person feels a sense of connected responsibility to the whole world.

This is not simply a shameless plug (you are reading “Global Citizen” after all), so don’t just take our word for it. A poll conducted by GlobeScan asked 20,000 respondents in 18 countries whether they consider themselves to be global citizens. The answers are not always clear cut nor uniform, but point to an overall optimistic future for the world with a strong sense of planetwide citizenship.

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