Go Long with AMIGOS!

What does it mean to Go Long? AMIGOS offers summer service and immersion programs that range from 2 to 9 weeks in length. When a student goes long, they are specifically joining one of our 4-, 6,- or 9-week long community immersion projects. These projects are intentionally structured to encourage independence, maximize impact, and foster cross-cultural understanding. Volunteers are assigned to their host communities in groups of 2-3 with weekly visits from AMIGOS project staff and work alongside community members to implement a local service project.

Who Does Well in Longer Projects?

  • Enrolled in Spanish 3 or above
  • Has traveled internationally and/or independently before
  • Enjoys independent experiences and problem-solving
  • Likes to connect deeply with people and learn about different cultures
  • Open to challenges and adventures
  • Flexible and adaptable

Curious about whether a longer program is right for you? We’re here to help you find the best fit for your best summer, whether you’re joining AMIGOS for 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks. Chat with an advisor or attend an info session to learn more!

Why Choose a Longer Program?

  • Earn more service hours
  • Get (more!) college credit
  • Improve your Spanish through authentic immersion
  • Collaborate with your host community to carry out a local service project
  • Live with a host family for up to 8 weeks
  • Create a lasting relationship with your host family and community
  • Have more time to unplug and be present in a new country
  • Encourage your independence with the support of AMIGOS staff & host families
  • Get more time abroad for your program fee (often going longer isn’t much of an increase in cost!)
  • Find like-minded people and build meaningful friendships

Comparing Projects

LengthService HoursCollege Credit*Impact
Two Weeks24-Get Inspired
Three Weeks362 creditsGet Involved
Four Weeks483 creditsDive Deep
Six Weeks723 creditsBelong
Nine Weeks1083 creditsTransform

*College credit is available through Western Colorado University. Find out more about college credit here.

Watch this video or visit our Homestay page to learn more!

Costa Rica: Los Santos


Costa Rica: Los Santos – Spend 4 weeks or 9 weeks living with a host family in the Los Santos region of Costa Rica. If you’re into coffee, you’ve probably heard of Dota, Tarrazu, and Frailes, where you’ll spend your time diving into food justice and coffee production! In addition to developing your own community service project, you’ll volunteer with coffee farming families doing activities like harvesting, planting trees, maintaining trails, supporting at the mill, and more. You’ll also visit places like Laguna don Miguel and women-owned coffee farms (and do a coffee tasting!).

Paraguay: Tierra Guarani

students standing on the street and smiling

Paraguay: Tierra Guarani -Immerse yourself in the unique and vibrant Paraguayan culture while living and doing service in a rural community. During your time in Paraguay, you may learn some of the local Guaraní language while sipping mate or tereré with your host family. Throughout the summer, you will have the opportunity to work on service projects that your host community has prioritized, all while making meaningful connections and building lasting relationships.

“You have to go into experiences that will be uncomfortable. That loss of comfort might allow something far more compelling to come into your life.”

–AMIGOS Alumnus Peter Fenton

gideon and host mom cooking sopa de queso

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