You probably heard by now that we recently moved!
Since we’ve had a few weeks to settle in, I polled the office on what their favorite thing about the new space was. Here are the results:
“We can now see the sun!”
Nearly 100% of Amigos staff loves the new views. Coming from an office with no windows, this is a large upgrade. Other highlights concerning the windows are that we can now check traffic patterns before we leave, and see the Houston skyline.

“Location, location, location”
This is our CEO Sara’s favorite part of the new space. We have covered parking, can walk to restaurants, and even have food trucks come every Wednesday.

“I like being in the cubicle pit so I can do more nagging”
Cynthia, known around here as the office mom, loves being in close proximity to the rest of us so she can remind everyone to take their vitamins and stay safe. It’s also great that we are all now on one floor, so there is much more collaboration.


“Increased efficiency”
Of course Luis, our CFO, would like to remind everyone that the biggest benefit of this new space is increased efficiency for all of the staff.

So there you have it. We are excited to soon welcome you to our new space and see for yourself how great it is. Star Lane will always be in our hearts, but just like our logo and website, it was time for a refresh!

Yours truly.


Katie Hulting

Katie Hulting

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