Hola desde Madriz, Nicaragua!

Hola desde Madriz, Nicaragua! Before participant arrival last week, Madriz project staff worked hard in order to get ready. Here is what they were up to:


138 hours spent riding buses

110 hours spent waiting for buses

18 awesome partner agency contacts

5 times its rained on drying laundry
28 hours spent planning briefing

15 hours spent writing community profiles

21 communities visited

18 latrines supervisors used in a day during survey

32 pounds of gallo pinto eaten

72 mangos eaten

4 chickens sighted on buses

48 youth at first youth encuentro

720 hours spent on community visits

32 hours of supervisor training

26,000 kilometers traveled

2 mountains partially hiked

Participants arrived this Tuesday and finished briefing at the Asociación de Promotores de la Cultura on Saturday! Briefing was filled with educational activities, as well as appearances from local youth, our partner agency, and local government that prepared the participants for the rest of their adventure. In between activities the participants played frisbee and tried popular cookie Chiky’s. Project staff enjoyed getting to know all of the participants just as much as they enjoyed getting to know each other. The next time everyone will be in the same place again will be at midterm before 4-weekers depart for their debriefing.

Here are our two most important stats from the week:

1. 54 participants successfully settled in community

2. 100% probability that summer 2016 in Madriz is going to be awesome!!

-Lucy Schaefer, Supervisor


Katie Hulting

Katie Hulting

Katie spends her time getting everyone ready for the summer. If you are participating this year, chances are you’ve gotten nearly 100 emails from her.
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