This year we have 40 participants coming from 8 Latin American countries. Some travel to another community in their own country, and some travel thousands of miles to another country. Our Panama staff training the 2016 Panamanian participants this weekend. Here is their recount of the workshop!

LA training 4

The Azuero and Coclé Senior Leadership teams just finished up a great weekend working with an incredible group of Panamanian youth just outside of Panama City. After the group arrived on Friday, we spent all day on Saturday and Sunday training, and departed on Monday morning. The training included classic AMIGOS activities and Dinámicas, like “El Gran Viento Sopla”, and productive conversations about what their summer will look like, what to expect in terms of cultural adjustment, and how they define leadership.

This year, our National Participants have come from across Panama to participate in AMIGOS. We are excited to have former Local Participants from Coclé rejoining us in new communities, and thrilled to be continuing our partnership with several Guna youth this summer. These Participants are pressing pause on their lives in Colón, Darién, Coclé, Guna Yala to work with the US Participants and their new communities to further the AMIGOS mission in Panama.

US Participants headed to Panama will have the opportunity to be partnered with one of our 5 National Participants in Azuero, or with one of the 3 National Participants in Coclé. We are also excited to have one of our National Coordinators, as a member of both of our staff teams as the PLJ, or Promotor de Liderazgo Juvenil. He will be working with staff teams on both projects to provide support to both our National Participants, and the 6 International Participants who will be arriving to join the Coclé project at the end of the month.

We could not have done this training without the support of our host community who graciously hosted all participants and staff members, and cooked us some incredible food. We hope that we are able to continue to collaborate with them, and are happy to have had their backing in carrying out the first training of the 2016 summer in Panama.

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