National Young Alumni Council

In 1965 Guy Bevil led a caravan of 181 young volunteers from Texas to Honduras to fight a growing polio epidemic. Over 50 years and 28,000+ alumni later, AMIGOS is still empowering young people to have impactful immersion experiences and be students of a new culture. While AMIGOS provides an incredible summer and gap program for hundreds of emerging leaders every year, the opportunities for growth and leadership don’t stop there.

Alumni continue to build their leadership skills through second summers, serving on project staff, or training and recruiting future students to AMIGOS with our regional chapters. For those committed to representing AMIGOS nationally by speaking with prospective applicants, spearheading creative outreach activities, and providing feedback to help shape the future of AMIGOS – the National Young Alumni Council is for you.

  • Official business cards and swag
  • The chance to shape the future of AMIGOS — serve on a subcommittee that you’re excited about!
  • One-on-one mentorship from HQ Staff
  • LinkedIn endorsements and/or letters of recommendations from AMIGOS
  • Attend all quarterly conference calls
  • Share AMIGOS news on social media
  • Participate in feedback surveys on AMIGOS initiatives
  • Host at least one AMIGOS info/recruitment event
  • Serve as a referral for interested students
  • Help mobilize other AMIGOS Alumni to stay engaged!

Applications for 2019–2020 are closed. Check back next year or reach out to Erin Aucar at [email protected] with any questions.

Meet the 2018-19 Council


Alice Chatterjee

Winston Salem, North Carolina

Ronald Reagan High School

“AMIGOS offers a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in another culture. I have been on another summer trip to another country, and the experience was nothing like AMIGOS…AMIGOS allows you to constantly interact with the people around you, forcing you outside of your comfort zone, in a great way. By choosing AMIGOS, you’re choosing to improve leadership skills, language skills, and open yourself up to new relationships.”


Ashley Lin

Vancouver, Washington

Union High School

“I want to share with my peers that yes, you can travel even if you’re in high school. Yes, immersing yourself in another culture really does change the way you appreciate the present. Yes, do some soul-searching and path-creating with AMIGOS. And no, this isn’t just a summer program. By going on an AMIGOS trip, you’re joining a network of peers and mentors who want to see you succeed just as much as you do.”


Eli Samson

Houston, Texas

Carnegie Vanguard High School

“My experience with the AMIGOS volunteering programs has always been overwhelmingly positive. I also think that more high school students should be aware of the opportunities they have to make more use of their summers and AMIGOS is a great way to use that time wisely.”


Grace Kenney

Leawood, Kansas

Tulane University

“AMIGOS has helped me broaden my understanding of the world. By immersing myself in another culture, I learned how to harness the power to bring together two extremely distinct, yet perfectly harmonized ways of life…It taught me what it means to be human. A student should do AMIGOS over summer plans because it will be the most significant period of self growth and realization that they will ever experience.”


Grace Piland

Houston, Texas

St. John’s School

“My time spent in Latin America has shifted my outlook on the importance of culture, language, and relationships. The appreciation I’ve gained for cultures outside of my own and the lasting bonds that can be formed through language has been invaluable.”


Lea Winston

Washington, DC

Carleton College

“Choosing to participate in AMIGOS is not an “easy” way to spend the summer, but the experiences one gains and the relationships formed with community members and fellow AMIGOS participants makes the experience more than worth it. Not only will a student experience significant personal growth during an AMIGOS summer, he/she will also contribute to positive development in their Latin American community, whether it be by constructing a new kitchen, starting a youth group, or forming a close bond with a host sister. The sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with an AMIGOS summer cannot be rivaled by other summer experiences.”


Nalisha De Castro

New York, New York


“A student should choose to do AMIGOS because it is a once-in-a-lifetime, inspirational, and exciting experience. It will help you realize who you want to be and who you are meant to be.”


Sawyer Uecke

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tufts University

“AMIGOS volunteers have the great opportunity to live the daily life of people from a foreign country and working with foreign NGOs, therefore building a greater professional network from a young age.”


Sophia Garcia-Meza

San Francisco, California

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

“If the world could go according to my wishes, I would want every single young person I know to get to experience AMIGOS because of how powerful AMIGOS is…AMIGOS truly changed my life in the sense that I obtained all the tools I needed to change my own life…Shy, afraid teenagers such as myself can become young leaders and advocates, and AMIGOS deserves all that credit.”


Stephanie Waugh

Austin, Texas

Tufts University

“I participated in the AMIGOS gap year program in Cuenca, Ecuador…and I would tell any potential participant how much I matured during my year abroad, the unique friendships I made, and the one-of-a-kind experiences I had during my year.”


Contact Erin Aucar, National Outreach Manager