Young Alumni Council

In 1965 Guy Bevil led a caravan of 181 young volunteers from Texas to Honduras to fight a growing polio epidemic. Over 50 years and 28,000+ alumni later, AMIGOS is still empowering young people to have impactful immersion experiences and be students of a new culture. While AMIGOS provides an incredible summer and gap program for hundreds of emerging leaders every year, the opportunities for growth and leadership don’t stop there.

Alumni continue to build their leadership skills through second summers, serving on project staff, or training and recruiting future students to AMIGOS with our regional chapters. For those committed to representing AMIGOS nationally by speaking with prospective applicants, spearheading creative outreach activities, and providing feedback to help shape the future of AMIGOS – the Young Alumni Council is for you.

  • The chance to shape the future of AMIGOS — serve on a subcommittee that you’re excited about!
  • One-on-one mentorship from HQ Staff
  • LinkedIn endorsements and/or letters of recommendations from AMIGOS
  • Attend all quarterly conference calls
  • Share AMIGOS news on social media
  • Participate in feedback surveys on AMIGOS initiatives
  • Host at least one AMIGOS info/recruitment event
  • Serve as a referral for interested students
  • Help mobilize other AMIGOS Alumni to stay engaged!

Click here to apply for 2020–2021!

Meet the Council


Alden Paine

City: Salt Lake City, UT
Grade: Sophomore at University of Pittsburgh
AMIGOS Country (year): Cocle, Panama 2016
Bucket List Item: Study abroad for a semester during college


Alice Chatterjee

City: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Grade: 11th
AMIGOS Country (year): Panama (2018), Costa Rica (2019)
Bucket List Item: Go to Morocco!


Angelina Zevallos

City: Berkeley, CA
Grade: Junior at UC Berkeley
AMIGOS Country (year): Youth Ambassadors Paraguay 2015, AMIGOS Dominican Republic 2016
Bucket List Item: Go to Hawaii
Photo: I am Peruvian so I love llamas!


Ashley Lin

City: Vancouver, WA
Grade: Union High School, 11
AMIGOS Country (year): Youth Ambassadors Uruguay 2018
Bucket List Item: visit Machu Picchu in Peru


Carmen Duran

City: Denver, Colorado
Grade: First year, Stanford University
AMIGOS Country (year): Yucatan 2017
Bucket List Item: Go to the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with my grandma and ride in one together.


Eli Samson

City: Houston, Texas (currently living in Lexington, Virginia)
Grade: Freshman in college at Washington and Lee
AMIGOS Country (year): Nicaragua (2017), Ecuador (2018)
Bucket List Item: Be an AMIGOS supervisor!


Eliza Miller

City: Madison, WI
Grade: 10th
AMIGOS Country (year): Discover Panama 2019
Bucket List Item: Hike in the Himalayas!


Finley Davis

City: Berkeley, CA
Grade: Sophomore at the University of Southern California
AMIGOS Country (year): Nicaragua 2016, Ecuador Gap Semester 2018
Bucket List Item: Run a marathon


Greg Schaefer

City: Chicago, IL
Grade: 10
AMIGOS Country (year): Panama 2019
Bucket List Item: Live in another country for a bunch of my life!


Madeline Lohse

City: Palo Alto, CA
Grade: Palo Alto High School, 11
AMIGOS Country (year): Discover AMIGOS Panama 2018 & Costa Rica 2019
Bucket List Item: stay in an igloo/ice hotel for a night and see the northern lights!


Max Siqveland

City: St. Paul, Minnesota
Grade: 11
AMIGOS Country (year): Ecuador 2019
Bucket List Item: Learn at least 3 languages!


Maya Sterling

City: Chevy Chase, Maryland
Grade: Senior at Vassar College
AMIGOS Country (year): Ecuador 2015, Nicaragua 2017
Bucket List Item: Hike a significant portion of the Appalachian Trail!


Niusha Pourdehmobed

City: San Ramon, CA
Grade: California High School, 11th
AMIGOS Country (year): Discover AMIGOS Panama 2018
Bucket List Item: Skydive!


Sabine Jimenez-Williams

City: Austin, Texas
Grade: Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, 11th
AMIGOS Country (year): Nicaragua 2017, Costa Rica 2018, Ecuador 2019
Bucket List Item: Climb Mt. Fuji!


Sarah Moore

City: Houston, Texas
Grade: Sophomore at the University of Georgia
AMIGOS Country (year): Matagalpa, Nicaragua 2017
Bucket List Item: Join a band


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