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News | Amigos de las Americas | October 3, 2018


Amigos de las Américas expands presence to Los Angeles with New Director

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 3, 2018) AMIGOS has always ventured beyond borders, and now they are expanding in the United States as they introduce professional outreach operations in Los Angeles, California.

Jim Guilfoil, recently hired as the AMIGOS Los Angeles Director, brings decades of experience building community in the greater Los Angeles area through previous roles in global finance and sales. AMIGOS is more than just a job to Jim; it has proved a critical experience in shaping his own life. An alumnus of the AMIGOS program, Jim served in Ecuador in 1977 on a vaccination and disease prevention program.

Since 1965, AMIGOS programs have offered authentic immersion, meaningful service, and experiential leadership opportunities that unleash young people’s desire to make an impact. Alumni return to their communities as culturally competent and globally aware young leaders.

As AMIGOS expands in Southern California, they build on an alumni base of more than 1,700 volunteers from the state. This formal presence will help the greater Los Angeles area meet growing demand and create a new generation of young leaders ready to shape the global community.

Jim will focus on networking with local schools, developing key partnerships, and introducing new students to AMIGOS Summer and Gap programs. His role is also integral in the creation of the Los Angeles Regional Council, which supports the expansion of AMIGOS enrollment through fundraising and networking.

Making a bold impact in the Los Angeles area also requires the AMIGOS community to rise to the challenge. AMIGOS is calling on alumni and supporters to spread the word. By connecting with local educators, student groups, interested families, and universities, AMIGOS can bring the extraordinary impact of its programs to more youth throughout the region. If you would like to help AMIGOS grow in this region, contact Jim at [email protected].


About Amigos de las Américas

Founded in 1965, AMIGOS is the safest, most authentic service and immersion program in Latin America for ages 13 to 22. Volunteers get the opportunity to explore a new country, learn Spanish, bond with their host family, and make a positive impact by working on a community service project. Relationships with local and international organizations built over 54 years enable sustainable engagement in communities throughout the region. AMIGOS has more than 1,700 alumni in California and more than 28,000 alumni worldwide. For more information about our programs, visit amigosinternational.org.


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