Gifts made in memory of Patrick James Flaherty will support AMIGOS, including expansion of our gap programs in Latin America.

AMIGOS Gap participants are uniquely curious, intentional and committed to the mission of AMIGOS because of the long term nature of their program. Our gap participants are a focused and inspirational group who crave a more mature role and deeper connection to Latin America and positively reflect the values, passions and career path of Patrick Flaherty.

Our vision for expanding AMIGOS Gap Programs is:

  • Offer greater packages of financial assistance awards to gap participants
  • Increase recruitment, marketing and outreach to offer gap to more youth and traditionally underserved populations
  • Develop and mature our gap programs within our current host countries ex: expand support and local staffing for our Nicaragua and Ecuador Projects, pursue more year-long partnerships with local agencies
  • Grow our gap programs into other countries and pursue partnerships with more universities

About AMIGOS Gap Programs

AMIGOS Gap Semester and Year programs, launched in 2011, offer powerful opportunities for a sustained and long term commitment to our mission. AMIGOS participants all develop the confidence and core competencies to be lifelong catalysts for social change in their local and global communities. This is especially demonstrated by our gap participants. Our gap participants make an extended commitment to their host communities and return home profoundly transformed by the relationships they have made and by the agencies they have supported.