Spend your summer in the lush country of Costa Rica, working on an environmentally-focused project with local community members.
Work with local youth in your community to design and carry out a project that meets community needs while learning the meaning of "pura vida" with your new tico friends.

About the Region


Known for its coffee, cacao, and dairy products






pura vida = life is good, cool
sendero = trail


Gallo pinto (rice and black beans), plantains, tortillas

AMIGOS History in the Region

AMIGOS has worked in Costa Rica for 35 years.

Project Features

AMIGOS participants increase their language ability through immersion that goes beyond what can be achieved in a classroom. They improve their fluency, learn local slang, and increase their confidence with real-world practice.
Living with a host family is central to the AMIGOS experience. All host families volunteer to open their homes to young people from another culture. Participants and host families build long-lasting relationships and often stay in touch after the project has closed.
While in country, AMIGOS participants work on a community-led service project. Every service project is unique, but each channels young people's ideas to create postive change.
The opportunity for independence and self direction makes AMIGOS unique. Participants shape their time in country according to their passions. the possibilities are endless - what each participants takes out of their experience is up to them!
Every Amigo is mentored by a member of our project leadership team through regular check-ins and personalized feedback. This allows participants to experience the independence hat sets out programs apart, with the support of a passionate facilitator.
Participants build their leadership and community development skills through hands-on training. Not only is AMIGOS training fun and engaging, it gives participants the necessary tools for success in the field and beyond.
  • National Participants
  • Length
    8 weeks
  • Training Dates
    Houston Gateway Training: June 15 - June 19
  • In-Country Dates
    June 19 - August 14
  • Ages
    15 - 22
  • Price
    $6,275 (includes international airfare)
Want to go to Costa Rica?

Applications for summer 2018 are closed, but you can sign up to find out when our 2019 programs are announced!

AMIGOS is such an incredible program for a cultural immersion experience because they incorporate the opportunity to live and work within a Latin American community. I learned a lot of Spanish and had a blast with my new Tico friends!
Lily, Costa Rica Project Participant
Program Requirements
  • Meet the health criteria for AMIGOS participation and follow the mental health procedures if necessary
  • Receive required immunizations and medications
  • Be at least 16 years old by December 31, 2018
  • Have two years of Spanish study or the equivalent

PALMARES Project Itinerary

*Dates may be subject to change.

June 19 – Participants arrive. Project Leadership Teams pick them up at the airport and the group travels to the briefing site.

June 20 – 23 – Briefing. Project Leadership Teams lead all participants in a country-specific orientation to AMIGOS and the Palmares Project. On the last day of briefing, we will host a ‘bienvenida,’ where host families and local youth will pick you up and take you to your host community.

June 24 – 30 – Week 1 of Extracurricular Activities, fun sessions for local youth that focus on specific topics. Week 1’s topic is “Identifying Local Resources.”

July 1 – 5 – Week 2 of Extracurricular Activities: Biodiversity and Respect for All Forms of Life

July 6 – 8 – Campamentos: organized community service retreats. Participants travel to San Isidro accompanied by local youth counterparts, and from there, groups of participants will travel to nearby communities to collaborate on a weekend project! This gives you a chance to visit multiple communities in the area and expand your opportunity for cultural exchange.

July 9 – 14 – Week 3 of Extracurricular Activities: Clean Energy – Preventing Water and Electricity Wastage

July 15 – 19 – Week 4 of Extracurricular Activities: Recycling and (Non)Renewable Resources

July 20 – 22 – Campamentos

July 23 – 28 – Week 5 of Extracurricular Activities: Leadership and Its Values

July 29 – August 2 – Week 6 of Extracurricular Activities: Volunteerism and Civic Engagement

August 3 – 5 – Campamentos

August 5 – 10 – Week 7 of Extracurricular Activities: Planting Sustainable Ideas – Green Initiatives

August 11Despedida – host families and local youth have a goodbye party for participants in San Isidro.

August 12 – 13 – Debriefing. Participants come together at the end of their program. This is a time to reflect on the experience, prepare for going home, and to go on fun excursions with your group!

August 14 – Participants depart





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