Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Live with a host family, become part of a new community, intern with a local organization, and explore the rich culture of Uruguay!

Example Itinerary

*This is an example itinerary. Dates, topics, and activities may be subject to change.

End of August

Gap students arrive in Uruguay. AMIGOS staff meet them at the airport and the group travels together to begin briefing. Staff lead all gap volunteers in a country-specific orientation to AMIGOS, Montevideo, and Uruguay. After briefing, gap volunteers meet their host families and get oriented in their new home and city.


Spanish classes in the morning and Spanish activities in the afternoon. The first workshop takes place around the middle of the month.


Begin internship. Attend Spanish classes for half a day and intern the rest of the day. First group excursion to Minas and Villa Serrano and another group workshop.


Internship and Spanish classes. Third workshop takes place this month. Shared group Thanksgiving dinner.


Excursion to Cabo Polonio. Winter break begins.


Welcome Spring Semester students. Workshop 4 takes place. Resume your internship.


Continue internship. Workshop #5.


Continue work at internship. Group excursion to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colonia de Sacramento. Workshop #6.


Continue internship. Group excursion to Piriápolis and Punta del Este.


Final workshop. Wrap up internship. Final excursion to Salto and Payasandú and debriefing.

About the Region

City of Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and the country’s largest city, though it has a laid-back feel. It has a rich culture and is consistently ranked as having the highest quality of life in Latin America. Montevideo’s old town (Ciudad Vieja) is a great place to stroll around, taking in a well-preserved peek into the past.


bo = friend (used like che in Argentina)
bondi = bus
re = very


Uruguay has a reputation as a peaceful democratic country. Almost all of the country’s electricity comes from renewable energy! Understated Uruguay is an excellent spot to spend a few months and become part of the community.


Montevideo has cool winters and hot summers, but since it’s in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed!

The city is situated between the wide Rio de la Plata (which serves as a border with Argentina) and the Atlantic Ocean.

Example Workshop Themes
  • International Development
  • Budgeting and project management
  • Community development
  • Working in a cross-cultural context
Example Day

Wake up and share coffee and breakfast with your host family before heading to your Spanish class with other gap volunteers. Head back to your host family for lunch before working on a design project for your internship in the afternoon. Stop by the market for a few local treats and then meet up with some friends to dance salsa. Then, rest up for another day!

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

Why Choose AMIGOS?

Have an Adventure

Each day brings new and unique opportunities! Find the best local spot in your Montevideo neighborhood, learn traditional dances, make new friends with people in your community, practice your Spanish, hike in national parks, and more!

Learn About Yourself & Discover Your Interests

The best way to grow as a person is to journey beyond your comfort zone and experience new things. AMIGOS Gap Program alumni say they are more confident, better prepared for college, more focused, and more resilient.
From art and organic farming to business and global development, you’ll have the freedom to explore topics that interest you. You’ll also learn about Uruguayan culture and history at monthly workshops. Get a glimpse into what it’s like working at the U.S. Embassy or as a Peace Corps Volunteer!

Gain Real-World Experience

Intern with a local partner agency to gain work experience and hone the skills necessary for the real world. AMIGOS matches you with an internship based on your interests and our partner agency needs, ensuring you get the most out of your experience.

Develop Useful Skills

Community organizing, speaking Spanish, managing projects, accounting and budgeting, public speaking…These are just a handful of the practical, resume-ready skills you’ll cultivate on a Gap Program with AMIGOS! Get a head start on your future by building these dynamic skills valued by modern employers.

Build Friendships Across Cultures

Connect with people around the world who you otherwise would never have met! Bond with your host family over meals, make friends at your internship, and spend time with your fellow Gap Program volunteers throughout your time abroad.

Go Beyond Travel

Do more than travel–live abroad! You’ll become part of a local community, making your time in Montevideo infinitely more rewarding. Immerse yourself in an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience far beyond anything else out there.

Spend a year abroad in Uruguay!

Start your application now!

Length Training
Ages Application
Year 2020–2021 9 months

Train as a group with fellow volunteers upon arrival in Uruguay!

August 23, 2020–May 15, 2021

17–22 Early bird: March 12, 2020 ($500 discount) / Final deadline: July 1, 2020


College credit is available through the Gap Year Association for an additional $1,700 per semester.

Click here to learn more about funding and financial assistance.

  • Year 2020–2021
  • Length
    9 months
  • Training Dates

    Train as a group with fellow volunteers upon arrival in Uruguay!

  • In-Country Dates

    August 23, 2020–May 15, 2021

  • Ages
  • Application Deadline
    Early bird: March 12, 2020 ($500 discount) / Final deadline: July 1, 2020
  • Price


    College credit is available through the Gap Year Association for an additional $1,700 per semester.

    Click here to learn more about funding and financial assistance.

It will be one of the biggest adventures of your life, and it will very likely be the catalyst that sparks something inside of you that you didn’t know existed before.

—Lauren, Gap Volunteer

Program Requirements
  • Meet the health criteria for AMIGOS participation and follow the mental health procedures if necessary.
  • Receive required immunizations and medications
  • Be age 17–22 at the start of the project, and a high school graduate

Learn More About Our Gap Program

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