2020 Summer Program suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Explore the Azuero Peninsula while you promote health and environmental protection! Become part of your community by living with a host family and volunteering. Live with a local Panamanian family in a rural community near the small city of Chitré, where you’ll work with your partner, Panamanian students, and local residents to plan and carry out your service project to earn 215 service hours. You’ll also get to lead daily activities for kids on topics like hygiene, exercise, and nutrition.

Example Itinerary

*This is an example itinerary based on last year’s project. Dates, topics, and activities may be subject to change.

Day 1

Volunteers arrive. Project staff meet them at the airport and the group travels together to the briefing site in the Coclé region of Panama.

Week 1

Briefing. Project staff lead all volunteers in a country-specific orientation to AMIGOS and the Azuero Project. Meet all other students on your project and spend a few days getting to know each other, learning about Panama, and doing fun activities. On the last day of briefing, the group travels together to the Azuero Peninsula. You’ll get to meet your host family and travel to your host community.

Week 2

Week 1 in community. Lead day camps for local youth on a topic such as “Getting to Know Your Community and its Strengths.” Start brainstorming and talking to local residents about your community service project.

Week 3

Week 2 in community. Lead day camps on topics like reforestation and start planning your service project by laying the groundwork, meeting with local officials, and sketching out a budget.

Week 4

Week 3 in community. Continue leading day camps on topics like health and mosquito-borne disease prevention. Start putting your project into action.

Fiesta Ambiental

Gather together with your fellow volunteers and local youth to complete an environmental project. Spend time catching up with other volunteers and relaxing.

Week 5

Week 4 in community. Continue day camps on topics like leadership and continue working on your service project.

Week 6

Week 5 in community. Lead day camps on topics like “healthy mind, healthy body.” Wrap up your service project or prepare to transfer its management to local youth or local residents. Leave community and come together for debriefing. This is a chance to process, reflect, and prepare to return home, as well as see some cool spots in and around Panama, like the Panama Canal and Casco Viejo.

Final day

Fly home!

Length Training
Ages Application
Local Chapter 6 weeks

Find a chapter near you for a local training calendar!

2020 Program suspended due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Read an open letter from our President & CEO.

15–22 -

$4,250 + group fundraising

National Chapter 6 weeks

2020 Program suspended due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Read an open letter from our President & CEO.

15–22 -


About the Region


Tropical, hot in the day time, but nights can be cooler.


aguacero = rainstorm
refrigerio = snack
que pretti = how cool


Rice, beans, lentils, plantains, chicken

Azuero Peninsula

Azuero is considered the heart and soul of Panama, known for sugarcane and livestock production, baseball, and festivals! The Azuero Peninsula has a variety of landscapes: from forests and mountains to dry plains and beaches.

Life in Panama

Get into the rhythm of day-to-day life waking up to cook breakfast with your host mom, meeting with residents to plan your service project, and coming home for lunch. Lead day camps for kids in the afternoons. In your free time, enjoy views of the lush green hills on a hike to a nearby waterfall, play soccer with kids in the community, learn to cook traditional foods, or relax in a hammock.

Fiesta Ambiental

You’ll get to attend Fiesta Ambiental, a weekend of environmental activities like trash cleanup and reforestation efforts that is a collaboration with MiAmbiente (Panamanian Ministry of the Environment), MEDUCA (Panamanian Ministry of Education), and the Peace Corps.

Example Volunteer Projects
  • Building or fixing up spaces for community meetings and workshops
  • Developing signs for schools and public places about handwashing and conserving local water resources
  • Constructing a community garden
Azuero Peninsula, Panama

Why Choose AMIGOS?

Learn Spanish

AMIGOS programs provide a unique opportunity to experience a new culture as a local, not a tourist. Volunteers report increased fluency in Spanish after going through our program. Activities go far beyond the classroom — you’ll lead activities in Spanish, learn local slang, and increase your confidence with real-world practice. You will not believe how fast your Spanish improves when you use it in conversation everyday!

Make an Impact

AMIGOS works with trusted local partner organizations to identify communities that are passionate and committed to working with our volunteers on community service projects. It has been our experience that a service project is sustainable only when the community owns it and participates in the effort. You will collaborate on a service project with volunteers your own age as well as community members, earning up to 270 service hours.

Gain a New (Host) Family

You’ll get to do way more than just travel — you’ll live with a host family, sharing in their day-to-day life. Become part of your host community, making friends with and working alongside community members. Share holidays, celebrations, and everyday life in a way you can only experience through authentic cultural immersion. AMIGOS volunteers and their host families build long-lasting relationships and often stay in touch after their project ends. All of our host families are vetted and trained before volunteers arrive.

Have an Adventure

Travel to must-see spots in your host country! You’ll travel as a group to experience unique destinations your host country has to offer, like volcanoes, ancient ruins, national parks, and historical sites. You’ll get to see these places from the distinct perspective of someone who has lived in that country and learned about the culture firsthand. Plus, you’ll bond with their fellow volunteers and have fun!

Travel with Trust

AMIGOS is the industry leader in health and safety management. Our staff is prepared to help you with any situation that may arise. Each volunteer receives a personalized emergency plan, as well as support from local staff teams and a professional 24-hour On-Call Safety Team of travel specialists, doctors, and mental health specialists. AMIGOS also has an established network of vetted medical clinics and hospitals throughout the region.

Training for AMIGOS and Beyond

Prepare for AMIGOS through guided training in topics like: multicultural understanding, health and safety, community development; travel safety, Spanish, leadership, and team building.

Upon arrival in the field, you’ll start country-specific training with your group of fellow volunteers. During your time abroad, you’ll meet regularly with an AMIGOS staff member who serves as your mentor. Finally, at the end of your service, come together again as a group to participate in debriefing — putting what you learned in context, preparing to go home, and going on fun excursions around the country.

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Partner Agency

Being able to get out of my hometown in Arizona and really experience new cultures, foods, and people and how they interact with you is a great thing that everyone should get a chance to experience.

—Jordan, Summer Program Volunteer

Program Requirements
  • Meet the health criteria for AMIGOS participation and follow the mental health procedures if necessary.
  • Receive required immunizations and medications
  • Be age 15–22 on the project start date
  • Have taken 2 years of Spanish or the equivalent

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Reminesence of community views through the lenses of our volunteers. Tag us on your photos and use the hashtag #amigosazuero2019 ✌🏼 ...

Reminesence of community views through the lenses of our volunteers. Tag us on your photos and use the hashtag #amigosazuero2019 ✌🏼 ...

Reminesence of community views through the lenses of our volunteers. Tag us on your photos and use the hashtag #amigosazuero2019 ✌🏼 ...

The crossing of the catamaran Volcan del Tagoro on the Panamá Canal 🇵🇦. Fun fact: this catamaran is said to be the most advanced in the world, original from Spain. #amigosdelasamericas #youthleaders #volunteers #catamaransailing #panamacanal #panama ...

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