Peru is often called the country of all countries with its diversity of cultures and traditions spanning over 10,000 years! Experience wide variety of worlds, each boasting individual landscapes, sounds, colors and tastes. Live in the Cuzco region near the Urubamba Valley, situated in the Andes mountains at roughly 11,000 ft. Practice speaking Quechua while you help shear a sheep or play soccer with your host cousins.

Example Itinerary

*This is an example itinerary based on the general outline of an AMIGOS project. Dates, topics, and activities subject to change.

Day 1

Volunteers arrive. Project staff meet them at the airport and the group travels together to Cuzco.

Week 1

Briefing. Project staff lead all volunteers in a country-specific orientation to AMIGOS and the Peru Project. Meet all other students on your project and spend a few days getting to know each other, learning about Sacred Valley and Cuzco, and doing fun activities. After briefing, project staff bring volunteers to their host communities to meet their host families.

Week 2

Week 1 in community. Lead day camps for kids and get to know your new host community!

Week 3

Week 2 in community. Lead day camps for kids and start talking to your fellow community members about your service project. You get to work with your community to figure out the project, so you get the chance to really have ownership over this initiative.

Week 4

Week 3 in community. Around the middle of your time in Peru, you’ll meet up with fellow volunteers in other communities for a day of fun and relaxation. Continue leading day camps and working on your service project.

Week 5

Week 4 in community. Wrap up your service project or hand it off with a sustainable transition plan. Attend a despedida (goodbye party) and say goodbye to your host family and community members.

Week 6

Travel to meet up with the rest of the volunteers and staff on your project for Debriefing. Spend several days processing your experience and getting ready to head home. Do fun things like visiting tourist sites, souvenir shopping, and hanging out with other volunteers.

Final day

Fly home!

About the Region


1.2 million


Cuzco has a subtropical highland climate, so it’s generally dry and temperate. Winter is April-September, with lots of sunshine and the occasional freeze. The coldest month is typically July, with an average of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Arroz chaufa (fried rice), ceviche (raw fish and seafood marinated in lime), cuy (guinea pig), potatoes

Languages Spoken

Spanish, Quechua, Aymara



Places to Visit

Sacred Valley: The beautiful Río Urubamba Valley, known as El Valle Sagrado (the Sacred Valley), is just north of Cuzco, filled with quaint colonial towns and weaving villages. Visit the colorful markets and the stunning Inca citadels of Pisac and Ollantaytambo.

Plaza de Armas: Plaza de Armas is the cultural center of the city, filled with many restaurants and coffee shops with the perfect view of Cuzco. Enjoy a  tour of Cusco’s massive cathedral and see the crypts. Be sure to check out the replica of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” and spot the cuy on one of the plates!

Example Volunteer Projects
  • Partner with your host community to improve their shared greenhouse 
  • Collaborate with local youth to implement a small-scale recycling system
  • Coordinate with community leaders to develop an organic, collective compost

Why Choose AMIGOS?

Learn Spanish

AMIGOS programs provide a unique opportunity to experience a new culture as a local, not a tourist. Volunteers report increased fluency in Spanish after going through our program. Activities go far beyond the classroom — you’ll lead activities in Spanish, learn local slang, and increase your confidence with real-world practice. You will not believe how fast your Spanish improves when you use it in conversation everyday!

Make an Impact

AMIGOS works with trusted local partner organizations to identify communities that are passionate and committed to working with our volunteers on community service projects. It has been our experience that a service project is sustainable only when the community owns it and participates in the effort. You will collaborate on a service project with volunteers your own age as well as community members, earning up to 270 service hours.

Gain a New (Host) Family

You’ll get to do way more than just travel — you’ll live with a host family, sharing in their day-to-day life. Become part of your host community, making friends with and working alongside community members. Share holidays, celebrations, and everyday life in a way you can only experience through authentic cultural immersion. AMIGOS volunteers and their host families build long-lasting relationships and often stay in touch after their project ends. All of our host families are vetted and trained before volunteers arrive.

Have an Adventure

Travel to must-see spots in your host country! You’ll travel as a group to experience unique destinations your host country has to offer, like volcanoes, ancient ruins, national parks, and historical sites. You’ll get to see these places from the distinct perspective of someone who has lived in that country and learned about the culture firsthand. Plus, you’ll bond with their fellow volunteers and have fun!

Travel with Trust

AMIGOS is the industry leader in health and safety management. Our staff is prepared to help you with any situation that may arise. Each volunteer receives a personalized emergency plan, as well as support from local staff teams and a professional 24-hour On-Call Safety Team of travel specialists, doctors, and mental health specialists. AMIGOS also has an established network of vetted medical clinics and hospitals throughout the region.

Training for AMIGOS and Beyond

Prepare for AMIGOS through guided training in topics like: multicultural understanding, health and safety, community development; travel safety, Spanish, leadership, and team building.

Upon arrival in the field, you’ll start country-specific training with your group of fellow volunteers. During your time abroad, you’ll meet regularly with an AMIGOS staff member who serves as your mentor. Finally, at the end of your service, come together again as a group to participate in debriefing — putting what you learned in context, preparing to go home, and going on fun excursions around the country.

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Length Training
Ages Application
Local Chapter 6 weeks

Find a chapter near you for a local training calendar!

June 23–August 4

15–22 January 2020 (varies by chapter)

$4,250 + group fundraising

National Chapter 6 weeks

Group pre-departure training: June 19–23

June 23–August 4

15–22 April 7, 2020


  • Local Chapter
  • Length
    6 weeks
  • Training Dates

    Find a chapter near you for a local training calendar!

  • In-Country Dates

    June 23–August 4

  • Ages
  • Application Deadline
    January 2020 (varies by chapter)
  • Price

    $4,250 + group fundraising

  • National Chapter
  • Length
    6 weeks
  • Training Dates

    Group pre-departure training: June 19–23

  • In-Country Dates

    June 23–August 4

  • Ages
  • Application Deadline
    April 7, 2020
  • Price


Throughout the whole experience I made life-long friends, learned about a new culture, and I got to make a real impact in some amazing peoples’ lives. Although it was nothing compared to the impact they made on mine. I was in my community for about 6 weeks, but at the end of it I wanted to stay there for another 2 months because it had become like a second home, a second family.
—Claire, Volunteer, Panama

Program Requirements
  • Meet the health criteria for AMIGOS participation and follow the mental health procedures if necessary.
  • Receive required immunizations and medications
  • Be age 15–22 on the project start date
  • Have taken 2 years of Spanish or the equivalent

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