Project Leadership FAQs


Are Project Leadership positions paid?

Senior Leadership positions (Senior Project Supervisors, Associate Project Directors, and Project Directors) receive a stipend. Project Supervisor positions do not receive payment. All travel and living expenses are paid for by AMIGOS for all positions. Covered expenses include: airfare to Latin America, ground travel, food, communications, and lodging. AMIGOS also covers all costs related to training. For core summer Senior Leadership, this includes a week-long leadership training in Houston, TX.

Where will I live?

On the core summer program, AMIGOS Project Leadership Teams have between 4-10 members. Team members live in a house, which also serves as an office. Project Supervisors spend 3-4 days a week visiting participants in communities, staying the night in each community they oversee. Over the weekend, all Project Leadership Team members are at their headquarter city, where they plan for upcoming events, meet with partner agency representatives, do paperwork, and take a break.

Discover AMIGOS Project Leadership team members live in a variety of housing, including but not limited to hostels alongside participants and host families during community stays.

Will I have days off?

Project Leadership team members may take some personal time during the week, but there are not full days off. Applicants new to AMIGOS should recognize that this is a rewarding experience that is also very intense. This is much more demanding and strenuous than a 40 hour/week office position.

What are the communities like where I could be assigned to work?

The communities range from very rural to semi-urban, with populations ranging from 150 people to a few thousand. The work areas in our host countries vary greatly in terms of geography, culture, and climate. Communities have varying levels of access to basic goods and services. Some host families have homes with running water, flush toilets, hot water, and a TV, while others have none of these amenities. We encourage new applicants who have not had experience working in rural areas in the developing world to contact our staff with any questions during the application process.

How good does my Spanish need to be?

Selected applicants must have strong Spanish in order to be able work with our partner agency representatives, communicate with community members and other contacts, and most off all, to ensure the health and safety of our participants.

How long do I need to be in country?

Project Supervisors need to be in country 16 days prior to U.S. participant arrival. Senior Leadership need to be in country 28 days prior to U.S. participant arrival. All Project Leadership Team members must remain 7 days following participant departure. Please see this page for project dates.