#SomosAmigos #AmigosdelasAmericas

To embark on a journey unlike any other, you pack your bags, remind your parents you will be just fine and get on your plane.

You’re nervous, but excited when your greeted by your in country staff and whisked off to begin your summer with AMIGOS. After more training you make friends, meet your partner and FINALLY get to community where you meet your host family.

The summer starts slow as you get to know the people around you, leading campamentos, working on your community project and hosting meetings.

Before you know it midterm comes and you can’t believe you’re already halfway through, but you join in the merriment and connect with friends you made on the project. Inside you can’t wait to get back to community.

You experience culture in art, and dancing and food. You soak in the nature by just being in it. You bond with the community more than you thought possible and are sad when it’s time to go.

You say goodbye, and head home. In the beginning you thought this adventure might be too long, now you can’t believe you’re done.

Your family greets you at the airport, is it really over? Hugs to friends and family feel amazing yet surreal. You did it. You’re an Amigo. Somos Amigos.

You will hold onto those memories forever, and year by year some things may fade but the time you spent with AMIGOS is yours to keep forever.


– Taylor Martin


Lauren Kelley

Lauren Kelley

Lauren is part of our outreach team and loves to hear stories from past participants. Be sure to tell her all about your favorite sights, foods, and experiences from Latin America.
Lauren Kelley