AMIGOS Virtual and Hybrid Programs are rooted in the pillars of connection, leadership, and service.

The Community Impact Project for ages 13–19 enables you to channel your energy into working with other young leaders across the U.S. and Latin America. You’ll create projects that address our most pressing issues during this global crisis and you’ll build a network of like-minded individuals committed to creating positive change.

Locally-run hybrid virtual and in-person versions of the Community Impact Project are open this spring in Austin, San Diego, and Seattle. Take the time to explore how you define community and address issues you’re passionate about. You will leave this program with a tangible service project design, a portfolio of work to showcase on your resume, and a new group of Amigos across the city. Typically, these programs meet online during the week and in-person on the weekend.

Looking for a virtual gap year? The Civic Action Gap Semester is a partnership between AMIGOS and Tufts University! Through this virtual experience, you will explore social change across the Americas, make an impact through a civic volunteership, engage with your community, and earn college credit.

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What to Expect with Virtual Programs
  • Explore social impact and entrepreneurship while focusing on an issue you care about
  • Connect with students from across the Americas or across your city!
  • Collaborate with your local community on a sustainable service project
  • Engage in professional leadership training
  • Get one-on-one mentorship
  • Count on 24/7 on-call support
  • Earn Tufts course credit (Civic Action Gap Semester) and service hours


About AMIGOS Virtual & Hybrid Programs

Learn how to design your own service project based on a need in your own community! Use the principles of Design Thinking to build and test a prototype.

Civic Action Gap Semester participants will be placed in a virtual volunteership with an organization in the U.S. or Latin America that matches their skills and interests.

AMIGOS partners with Casa Xalteva Spanish school in Nicaragua to provide virtual classes to students in the Civic Action Gap Semester. They will get a chance to practice what they learned in language cafe meetups throughout the course.

Community Impact Project volunteers will take part in activities led in Spanish and join language cafes throughout the program.

The amount of Spanish in local versions of the Community Impact Project varies—reach out to your local chapter for details.

Volunteers on our virtual programs become fast friends! Through activities like cooking challenges, dance-offs, games, and shared playlists, you’ll get to know the members of your cohort well.

AMIGOS is the industry leader in health and safety management. Our staff is prepared to help you with any situation that may arise. We have robust COVID-19 safety protocols, which were developed in conversations with our Medical Director as well as agency guidelines. Learn more about our COVID-19 protocols here. Each volunteer receives support from staff teams and a professional 24-hour On-Call Safety Team of travel specialists, doctors, and mental health specialists.

Prepare for AMIGOS through guided training in topics like:

  • Cultural humility;
  • Ethical service;
  • Community development;
  • Spanish;
  • Leadership; and
  • Team building.

You’ll receive a leadership certificate upon completion of any AMIGOS program. Build your leadership skills by identifying your strengths, exploring your interests, and experience with project management.

Being in a virtual community is never like being face to face with someone, but[…]you still feel that warmth and get that feeling of belonging. It has been a kind and respectful sharing space.

Valentina, 2020 Community Impact Project volunteer