Health and Safety at AMIGOS

With more than 55 years of experience, AMIGOS is the expert in health, safety, and risk management in our field. Our 24-Hour On-Call Emergency Management System operates year round to support our participants and staff throughout the Americas.

Before departing for the field, participants complete safety and risk management training modules that equip them with the tools needed to keep themselves healthy and safe throughout their trip. We also provide pre-departure training and resources for parents. This preparation allows parents to feel at ease with all of our policies and procedures and get their questions answered before their child leaves home.

In collaboration with our partner agencies in the region, we thoroughly vet all project areas prior to participant arrival. We identify trusted clinics and build relationships with local medical professionals who understand our context and the support that our participants need. Our in-country teams receive extensive training in risk mitigation and emergency response protocols.

As soon as their experience begins, participants are supported by our On-Call Emergency Management System. Managed by the AMIGOS National Office in Houston, this system has been developed through 54 years of experience. It is designed to support our in-country staff as they deal with health and safety issues on the ground, connecting them to our network of medical and mental health professionals. The On-Call System gives participants and their parents peace of mind in knowing that they are supported throughout the program by a safety net of experienced professionals.


All AMIGOS volunteers are supported in their journey to their project area by our travel team. On their travel day, Amigos have access to our travel hotline with staff members on call 24/7.

Our summer program participants fly through major airports where AMIGOS staff provide travel support. When they arrive in-country, participants are greeted at the airport by their project leadership team, and, from there, the experience truly begins.

Program Expectations

As a youth leadership organization, we expect students to maintain a high standard of personal conduct and bring a positive and open-minded approach to everything they encounter on an AMIGOS experience. This is what being a leader is all about: taking initiative, being responsible, and working to accomplish great things.

As an AMIGOS volunteer, you are the representative of AMIGOS in the communities where we work. We take great pride in our approach to community development, as we are in direct collaboration with established partner organizations that work locally. We expect all our participants to be respectful, thoughtful, and collaborative.

All volunteers are required to adhere to our AMIGOS Standards of Personal Conduct and Community Behavior. These standards are a core component of the AMIGOS philosophy and approach.

All AMIGOS volunteers must receive the immunizations listed here.