Welcome Home Summer 2016 Program Participants

The last project group has arrived back home in the United States, thus completing another incredible summer of AMIGOS programs. WELCOME HOME!!! We are so excited to hear about everyone’s summer and learn about the incredible experiences participants had all across Latin America.

Thank you to all of the participants who took part in AMIGOS this summer. It took commitment to fundraise and prepare for your trip and you spent weeks in Latin America serving the local community you lived in. You adjusted to a new culture and a new language, and you completed incredible projects. We know you will take this experience and continue accomplishing great things. Congratulations on completing your program and WELCOME HOME!!

All of our Chapters are hosting Welcome Home Parties for their local participants and our National Office has special events planned for National Office participants. This is a great opportunity to share your story and connect with other alumni. We have several opportunities for you to stay involved with AMIGOS throughout the year and are excited to stay connected with everyone. You can talk to your local Chapter about becoming involved with recruitment, training, and fundraising. If you are not near a Chapter, you can join the Alumni Representatives Program and work with the National Office Recruitment team. You will receive lots of great information over the next few weeks on how to adjust back to cultural norms of the United States and stay involved.

We also want to thank everyone that made this summer possible. AMIGOS has been providing summer programs for over fifty years, and it has grown tremendously through the efforts of thousands of volunteers and staff. Thank you to all of the parents of participants. Your support encourages the amazing growth and accomplishments we see from participants during the summer. A big thank you to all of the host families, project communities, partner agencies, project staff, and volunteers across Latin America that create the environment of collaboration. Thank you to all of the Chapters that volunteer heavily to support participants through every step of this process. Thank you to our staff and on call volunteers that ensure that safety is our number one priority. Thank you to all of our donors and fundraisers that work each year to provide financial aid to applicants across the world. Thank you to to all other volunteers, partners, and supporters that work behind the scenes to achieve our vision.

A world where each young person becomes a life-long catalyst for social change. 

Here are some great photos from this summer. We look forward to stories from our Summer 2016 Alumni SOON!







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Lauren Kelley

Lauren Kelley

Lauren is part of our outreach team and loves to hear stories from past participants. Be sure to tell her all about your favorite sights, foods, and experiences from Latin America.
Lauren Kelley