Your sweet Aunt sings your praises for serving the poor in Colombia this summer with AMIGOS?
That’s sweet Auntie Sue! And, how to say, so last century. Now-a-days AMIGOS in Colombia get to take classes at Universidad del Norte in global health, industrial design, and social transformation. We do two weeks of coursework and then a 6 week practicum experience with one of our partners. In addition to the practicum, we go through the AMIGOS Community Based Initiative Process (CBIP) in intercultural teams. The CBIP emphasizes network formation and local resource mobilization – inspiring and enabling local youth to take a leadership role in each step.

“Wait, What? AMIGOS has programs in Global health and Design?”
Right. Maybe we forgot to send the memo. Last year we piloted a global health track, now it’s just part of our program. This year, four students will participate in a pilot track taught by an Industrial Design professor. Learn more about UNINORTE’s Industrial Design program here. It’s a program with international focus that challenges students to use their creativity and inventiveness to carry out research projects and product innovation to provide a positive economic, productive, social, and environmental impact.

Wow, cool. Can high school students or chapter participants go to Colombia?
No high school students this time, sorry! As for the Chapter participants – the Colombia project actually as its very own training curriculum which happens directly in-country upon arrival. We actually just finished last Sunday, June 12th, and had a fun activity where host families had to guess which participant was being placed with them based on a drawing made by the rest of the group. It was…. Interesting. And hilarious.

Want to know more? Follow the Barranquilla, Colombia project.


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