You know you’re in AMIGOS when…

I spent 8 amazing weeks in Nicaragua learning about the culture, language and honestly a whole lot about myself.

I knew I was officially IN AMIGOS when…

Day four in my community I sat down with a couple community leaders to talk. We were ready to learn what they believed their community could benefit from and how we could work with them in the next few weeks. I had all my questions ready and vocab planned, I wanted to learn about them and all the reason why they loved their community.

We all sat down in a circle of plastic chairs outside one woman’s house to chat. Children and chickens were running about, both just as intrigued in my presence there. The community leaders shook my hand, looked me in the eye and talked very seriously to me about their strengths and challenges within this community. We talked all about AMIGOS and our training and what we could accomplish in the 8 week time. I had never been heard quite like that before. Given the floor to share and brainstorm with them. No one in my past had looked at me quite that way, with that level of respect and compassion. It was empowering and scary all at the same time. I knew I had all the training, but I didn’t know if I was the right person for the job. What if I didn’t perform, didn’t actually make an impact…

About 20 minutes into this conversation the woman from the nearest house came outside. I was deep in translation mode trying to pick up everything I was being told when out of the corner of my eye I saw her grab a meandering chicken and carry it to a nearby stump. Within seconds she twisted its neck, chopped off its head and handed the squirming headless chicken to a few little kids to pick the feathers clean. WHAT?!?! I wanted to gasp or laugh or something but no one around me even flinched???

My eyes must have been wider than saucers as my partner and I tried to stay focused and continue our important meeting. No one around me flinched! The conversation kept going as my brain was basically freaking out! I had to keep my composure and not laugh or look or anything.

This was the exact moment it dawned on me, I am in AMIGOS, I am really in AMIGOS. I am living in Nicaragua for 8 weeks this summer in a rural community with dirt floors and a tin roof. This is real. This is not like any summer I had before. This summer was going to be new, different and very exciting. This summer was about to change my view of the world in amazing ways. This summer was about to make an impact on me more than I had ever imagined.

-Taylor Martin, West Coast Outreach Coordinator  & AMIGOS Alum



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