Earn discounts or cash payments for referring the next cohort of AMIGOS volunteers!


The AMIGOS Alumni Referral Program is exclusively for AMIGOS alums, or Parents/Guardians of an Alumni, to earn discounts or cash payments for referring the next cohort of AMIGOS volunteers.


Referrers will receive one of the following incentives for each successful referral:

$200 discount off the cost of their 2024 AMIGOS summer or Gap program,


$100 payment

How to Enroll

In order to receive the referral incentives listed above eligible Alumni and/or eligible Alumni Parent/Guardians must complete the Alumni Referral Program Enrollment Form and be granted a unique referral code. When referring prospective 2024 volunteers you’ll need to make sure they use your referral code when submitting their application.

Communication about your referrals

What to expect to hear from us once you enroll

  • Once you enroll in the Alumni Referral Program, we will send you a unique referral code, instructions on how to refer someone, and information on how your referrals will be tracked.
  • You will receive a monthly email with details on which applicants have listed you as a referral and the status of your incentives.
  • Questions, confusion, or corrections about individuals you have referred should be sent to [email protected].

Rules and Legal

  • Referrals must be new volunteers to AMIGOS, you cannot refer an AMIGOS alum.
  • Discounts off 2024 Summer programs can only be applied to referrals made by March 2024. Discounts will be processed in April and May of 2024. . Discounts will be applied to the final family program billing statement and cannot be applied to airfare. Discounts may only be applied to the referrers program, or someone within the referrers household.
  • Payments will be processes in May and June of 2024. These payments will be made out to the referrer and mailed directly to the address provided in the Alumni Referral Program Enrollment Form. If you opt to receive a cash payment you will need to complete a W4 form for AMIGOS to receive your payment.
  • A referee must confirm the referral via entering the referral code OR otherwise confirming you as the referral source
  • Current AMIGOS employees, AMIGOS contractors, Chapter board members, and employees of partner organizations are not eligible to enroll in the Alumni Referral program.
  • If there is lack of clarity on who would receive an incentive (e.g. multiple referrers are listed) AMIGOS will be the sole arbiter of these decisions and all decisions are final.
  • You are only eligible to receive the referral incentive if your referral is “successful”. Successful referrals must complete all of the following steps: apply for a summer 2024 AMIGOS program, be accepted to the program, and submit their program deposit.
  • If a referee drops from the AMIGOS program and AMIGOS grants them a full refund of their deposit (e.g. they are screened out for health reasons), they are not considered a “successful referral” and you would not receive a referral incentive. AMIGOS is the sole arbiter of which referrals are considered successful and these decisions are final.
  • Referrals must be for participants of AMIGOS Summer or Gap Programs.  Referrals to the Youth Ambassador program operated by AMIGOS are not eligible for the referral bonuses.
  • Referrals for students who participate in AMIGOS in connection with an organization we partner with (KIPP, Prep for Prep, College Track, Boys an Girls Club of America, Program partners, Latin America Youth, etc) are not eligible for the referral bonuses.