Custom Programs

We look forward to working with your group to create an immersion experience that develops leadership skills, commitment to community service, and cross-cultural competencies.

Our year-round in-country staff, relationships with local agencies, and extensive knowledge of the region uniquely position us to build you the perfect experience. A wide range of customization options include training modules, educational workshops, excursions, community service, overnight homestays, and guided reflection.

Or, choose a virtual program! AMIGOS Virtual and Hybrid Programs are rooted in the pillars of connection, leadership, and service. Students will get a chance to work with other young leaders across the U.S. and Latin America. They'll create projects that address critical issues and build a network of individuals committed to creating positive change.

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AMIGOS will arrange:
  • Overnight homestays with local families
  • Flights, transportation, food, and lodging
  • Excursions to must-see sights
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Service hours with local organizations
  • Full time staff facilitation
  • 24-hour On Call Safety System
  • Virtual: platform, staff, curriculum, and facilitation


Custom Programs Include

For in-person programs, AMIGOS volunteers do more than just travel — they live with a host family, sharing in their day-to-day life. Even if it’s for a short time during your program, students are welcomed into their host community, making friends with and working alongside community members. All host families are vetted and trained before volunteers arrive. Learn more about the value of homestays for young people and the AMIGOS host family experience here.

AMIGOS works with trusted local partner organizations to identify communities that are passionate and committed to working with our volunteers on community service projects. It has been our experience that a service project is sustainable only when the community owns it and participates in the effort. For most custom programs, AMIGOS staff works with partners in advance of the group’s arrival to determine the content of the service project.

AMIGOS volunteers get to travel to must-see spots during in-person programming! These excursions give them an opportunity to visit unique destinations like volcanoes, ancient ruins, national parks, and historical sites.

AMIGOS prepares volunteers with training and workshops on topics like:

• Multicultural understanding;
• Health and safety;
• Community development;
• Travel safety;
• Spanish;
• Leadership; and
• Team building.

Volunteers participating in in-person programs will receive additional country-specific training upon arrival.

AMIGOS is the industry leader in health and safety management. Our staff is prepared to help with any situation that may arise. All volunteers receive support from staff and a professional 24-hour On-Call Safety Team of travel specialists, doctors, and mental health specialists. AMIGOS also has an established network of vetted medical clinics and hospitals throughout each region in which we operate.

Every volunteer is mentored by AMIGOS staff and receives personalized feedback throughout their experience. This allows volunteers to experience the independence of our programs while still counting on the support of a mentor.

Volunteers are guided through various reflection activities during their program. This helps them think critically about their role in community service and understand the context of their experience.

Seeing the way that others live and being immersed in a different culture has made me appreciate the uniqueness of different parts of the world.
AMIGOS Custom Program Volunteer