It is important to me and it is important for the development of our future leaders that we make diversity a priority. Every young person, regardless of their background, deserves a chance to experience what AMIGOS has to offer. And every [email protected] can serve to learn from different experiences.

I firmly believe our mission matters deeply when it comes to bridging divides. We will be challenging ourselves to improve as an organization and get involved more proactively. Let’s use our mission to do even more to support learning and action around issues of social justice.

During my time as CEO and President we have developed a diversity statement and created numerous partnerships to ensure that we continue to move forward and create more and more diverse classes of AMIGOS.

–Sara Nathan, CEO and President of AMIGOS


The AMIGOS Diversity Statement

To realize the AMIGOS vision and mission, we believe in the power of every voice and the wisdom of diverse voices. AMIGOS embraces universal diversity, including: race, nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation. AMIGOS seeks to include different life experiences, belief systems, abilities, and opinions throughout our work and aspires to eliminate barriers to inclusion and participation.

We all share responsibility for building an inclusive and respectful world. Every day, we work to provide space for young people to connect across cultures and create positive change in their communities. But this is not enough. We can and must be better. We commit to:

  • Strengthening the AMIGOS curriculum to ensure that it explores implicit and explicit bias, systemic racism, and each of our roles when working cross-culturally
  • Broadening our ability to reach students from all backgrounds by expanding organizational partnerships and financial resources for diverse youth
  • Continuing to empower young people with the skills they need to stand up for themselves and against injustice

Organizational Commitment & Actions

We are taking the following actions to reset our vision for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and hold ourselves accountable:

  1. Review of our organizational goals to ensure action on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  2. Launch a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Work Group comprised of staff representatives from all departments. The DEI work group is responsible for creating goals, a multiyear work plan, and a system for evaluating our progress, in partnership with our staff and organizational stakeholders. This group has begun meeting regularly.
  3. Provide space and resources for learning, dialogue, and feedback from our staff at-large and make time for staff to reflect and engage in action.
  4. Recognize Juneteenth and provide time off for staff to reflect, learn, and act.
  5. Share resources on antiracism and implement a strategy to amplify Black voices.
  6. Build racial equity and justice modules into the curriculum of our new U.S.-based gap program, the Civic Action Gap Semester, with plans to update the curriculum for all programs.

Latin American Youth

  • We have partnered with more and more Latin American youth every year since the Latin American Youth Fund was created in 2010.
  • Approximately 30-40 Latin American students volunteer full-time on the Summer Program each year, either traveling to a different community within their home country or traveling to a different country.
  • We are committed to hiring youth from Latin America on our programs, providing a diverse perspective as well as leadership opportunities.

Local Chapters

  • Our chapter system helps us diversify by creating a larger network and making our programs more affordable through collective fundraising
  • Training curriculum for volunteers delves into diversity, cultural sensitivity, and inclusion over the course of several months
  • All chapter network-wide meetings include diversity and inclusion sessions

“AMIGOS really values differences. They drill into us in training and when we get out into the field that  we have to respect others and respect what they can bring to the table. I’ve learned so much in my time with AMIGOS about how to relate to those that are different and how spending time with people with different backgrounds can enrich your life.”


We are committed to giving students from all socioeconomic backgrounds this life-changing experience. Our communities need leaders of diverse backgrounds.

Financial Assistance Program

  • 176 volunteers received financial assistance across all programs in 2019
  • Total financial assistance distributed in 2019: $414,080
  • Average financial assistance package: $2,353
  • 26% of all volunteers received financial assistance in 2019
  • AMIGOS partnered with organizations across the U.S. and Latin America to fund even more volunteers
  • Additional opportunities for funding for AMIGOS alumni, young leaders in local chapter areas, and Latin American youth