10 Chapters, 150+ Board Members, over 25,000 Chapter Alumni

Since our founding in 1965, we have worked with over 100 chapter boards across the U.S. At this time we have the following active local chapters that work to recruit, train, and send volunteers to Latin America over the summer. We are so thankful for our current and former board members that make AMIGOS possible in their communities.

What is a Chapter?

The AMIGOS chapter network is made up of a group of dedicated volunteer board members who make our mission possible by providing our program to young leaders in their local communities.

AMIGOS chapters provide mentorship, build community, and empower students to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Fundraising support, financial assistance, and a robust training program are just some examples of the year-round support from local community members that our chapters provide.

Summer Program volunteers and their families are individually supported by their local chapter. When a student joins the chapter as a volunteer, they get to connect with a strong and vibrant local community of alumni, families of alumni, professionals, and many people committed to youth leadership and service.

Since 1965, chapter board members have given their time and passion to their local boards to make sure that more students around the country can participate in this life-changing experience.

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National Chapter

The National Chapter is a great option if you do not live near a local chapter or have a schedule that conflicts with local, in-person activities. Anyone can join the National Chapter, regardless of where they live.


Join an AMIGOS Program Through a Local Chapter

AMIGOS Chapter Network

What do our chapters do?

Each local chapter supports volunteers and their family in preparation for their AMIGOS summer by providing localized training, fundraisingtravel preparation, and parent support. Upon return, chapters offer leadership opportunities for alumni and continued ways to stay engaged. The chapters build a strong community of Amigos before, during, and after their AMIGOS program. 

What do chapter board members do?

Each chapter is run by a board of directors and while every chapter is a separate, incorporated organization, we all share the same mission and vision! The chapter board of directors governs the local chapter activities.

Chapter boards can have many important roles including President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and more. Many of our chapters often have room for new board members to join at any level of commitment. Check here for chapters with open roles posted or reach out directly to our Chapter Operations team if you’d like to get involved.

Chapter boards connect with the families of each cohort of Amigos to provide a safe and supportive learning environment for them to prepare for their summer program.  

What are the benefits of joining a local chapter?


Each chapter is welcoming to new board members, community members, and families interested in participating in AMIGOS. They work to build a personalized experience for each family by providing mentorship and support throughout the experience.


Many of our chapters have been operating in their community for 20+ years and some of them for over 50 years! Each chapter board is supported by our full-time staff, trained to be successful in their role and to support local families. Many of our chapter leaders are alumni themselves and can share the impact of their experience.

Meet like-minded people

Looking for a chance to build a network of passionate people in your community? AMIGOS chapters are a great place to do that! Each chapter board is unique in its makeup and meeting schedule but is always working to provide local students with international service immersion opportunities.

Build your resume and network

Joining a chapter board as a board member can provide you the chance to build your resume, network, and give back to your community.

Joining a chapter as an AMIGOS volunteer will give you and your family the local support and guidance before, during, and after your AMIGOS program.  

Who can join a chapter?

Summer Program Volunteer Chapter Board Member
Students ages 15–22 can participate with AMIGOS through their local chapter! Our local chapters welcome students to apply September to December each year. The priority application deadline is November 5th, 2018 and the final application deadline is December 3rd, 2018.

Start your application here.

We welcome people of diverse ages, backgrounds, experience and skills on our chapter boards! If you are considering joining the local chapter board of directors we would love to hear from you! Check out our open board roles here or reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.

How can I get involved?

Find out if you live in a chapter area by checking out the list at the top of this page! Email us with any questions at [email protected].

What if there isn't a chapter in my area?

Summer Program Volunteer Chapter Board Member
If you are a student or parent considering participating in an AMIGOS adventure, then you are a perfect candidate for our National Chapter. Each year we have over 100 young leaders volunteer through our National Chapter. This option includes a 4-day intensive training with other volunteers immediately prior to your program start date. Email Erin at [email protected]with any questions about the National Chapter path! If you are an alumnus, young professional, parent, or someone looking to get involved in helping support the AMIGOS mission you can absolutely still stay involved!

Step 1: Build up the community around you and eventually a new chapter!

Step 2: Let us know what you're doing and what you see in the future community near you by emailing Chapter Operations here.

Step 3: Start engaging your local community and recruiting new youth to join AMIGOS!


Other Opportunities

  • Are you a recent alumnus looking for continued opportunities? Check out the National Young Alumni Council
  • See all job opportunities here.

What is the history of AMIGOS chapters?

Our chapters began in 1965 with the inception of AMIGOS in Houston, TX. Since then we have grown and seen 54 years of cohorts of passionate alumni working to encourage people in their community to join the AMIGOS family. We currently have 25 chapters across the nation that together send over 300 Amigos to the field each summer! 

Do chapters offer financial aid?

  • Each year, local chapters together give more than $150,000 in financial assistance to their local volunteers to help reduce financial barriers to participating in AMIGOS.
  • In the last 5 years, our chapters collectively have given over $1 million in financial assistance to support more young leaders volunteering with AMIGOS.
  • Every year, over 100 AMIGOS local chapter volunteers receive financial assistance to lower their program fee and make AMIGOS more accessible.

Apply for an AMIGOS Program

Our Summer Program is only the start of what it can mean to be an Amigo. Amigos are family for life and getting involved with our chapter network ensures that you stay a part of that family. Our chapter boards are full of alumni, parents of alumni, and anyone who wants to be part of empowering local young leaders. For alumni, joining a chapter board is a chance to take the skills and knowledge learned abroad and use them in your own community. All of the AMIGOS chapter boards create opportunities to serve your community, build professional and social relationships, receive professional development training, and make friends for life!  

Join a Local Chapter Board

"AMIGOS completely changed the trajectory of my life." -Amanda, Chicago North Chapter volunteer and 2018 project staff

Dan, Peninsula Chapter

"I found a community of like-minded people that are passionate about things I'm passionate about, who have now become my good friends. It gives me a way to grow professionally, have a leadership position, and hang out with a lot of really cool people." -Mattie, President, Chicago Urban Chapter


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