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It Was the Best of Times

Can you believe it? Participants are beginning week 3 of living and serving in the beautiful indigenous communities of Guamote and Guaranda, respectively. Week 2…

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Midterm: Coclé 2018

This past weekend, all our participants returned to Penonomé for a few hours to call their friends and family, catch-up with other participants, make some purchases,…

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Session B Participants Have Arrived!

Welcome to Panama! We’re excited to have an amazing two weeks learning, traveling, volunteering, practicing Spanish, trying new foods, and making great friends!

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Yucatan: First Week in Community

What a first week! Participants are now in community, conducting the community-based initiative process and carrying out extracurricular activities alongside local students and their AMIGOS…

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In the Middle of a Memory

24 communities. 63 participants. Multiple stories of friendships and cultural exchanges blossoming among true amigos all over the Azuero Peninsula. Northeast of the peninsula, 30…

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Report on Beginning of Project in Azuero

The Azuero Project 2018 participants arrived to Panama City on June 19th. Tired and jag lagged, little did they know that their project leadership team…

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Discover A Flying Home

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind, but Discover A has finally come to an end, and as the final day wore on and…

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First Week in Community

We couldn’t be prouder of our participants after experiencing an exhilarating first week in community! From building relationships with their host families to meeting local…

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There Are No Strangers Here

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” William Butler Yeats   Here at AMIGOS, we ask a lot of our staff,…

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