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Call Home Dates: Dominican Republic Session B

Volunteers on Session B of the San Juan Project will be calling home July 22–25 as their supervisors visit them in community. Some of you…

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Photo Blog from Discover AMIGOS: Panama

Here are some photos from Session B of Discover AMIGOS: Panama!

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Reports from Discover AMIGOS: Costa Rica

This week, our updates come from two volunteers: Zoe and Scarlett! “During our first few days in Discover AMIGOS Costa Rica, we spent hours walking…

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Session A: Debriefing and Goodbyes

On Sunday night, Block A debriefing concluded with an emotional candle lighting ceremony where the AMIGOS volunteers, staff, and partner agency representatives reflected on their…

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Highlights from our Youth Encuentro

This week over 300 youth and community members came together to participate in a youth encuentro in one of our very own Amigos communities: José…

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Highlights from Ben’s Route 

This week we are featuring our supervisor Ben’s route! Ben is from Denver and works in Larcapungo (Andrew, Aidan, and David), San Francisco (Hallie, Emily,…

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A Weekend at Fiesta Amistad

This past weekend, the Coclé project held its Fiesta Amistad and youth excursion events. Volunteers traveled to staff city, Penonomé, with two local volunteers from…

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Reports from Survey

This past week, the AMIGOS Palmares supervisors visited all of the 28 communities our participants will be staying in! Check out some of the things…

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Origami Cranes and Good Humor

The goal was to catch the volunteers off-guard. Supervisors and staff were asked repeatedly since the start of briefing, “when are we going to find…

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