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Introducing Your 2019 Project Director: Sasha Baumann

¡Hola a todos! My name is Sasha Baumann and I will be your Project Director this summer in San Juan, Dominican Republic. With a background…

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Reflections from Session C

As our time in country comes to a close, below are a collection of thoughts from each of our participants throughout their 8 nights in…

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Malcolm on His Host Community

Thoughts from Malcolm on his host community: The first walk I took through my community was both eye opening and beautiful. We walked up a…

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Aly: Story 1 In our endeavor to make a cultural presentation video of our community, my partner and I visited houses to conduct short interviews.…

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International Youth Day

The United Nations International Youth Day was Sunday. This year’s theme was “Safe Spaces for Youth.” Creating safe spaces for young people to play, learn,…

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The Adventure Begins

Discover C participants have made it to their community stays after a busy few days of training, orientation, and getting to know each other. The…

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The word Pajonal refers to the type of leaf people used to come to this area to find to use when building their houses. Here…

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Waiting on the Sun to go Down

Despedida from Community, Debriefing, Panama City and Departure Back Home     Our project is coming to an end and we do not want to…

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Session C Arrival

Discover AMIGOS Session C Volunteers arrived safely in Panama, accompanied by AMIGOS staff. They will now begin country-specific orientation. Here’s a photo of the group…

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