This is your chance to have a meaningful adventure and engage with the global community! Our summer volunteer programs for ages 13-22 create a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, improve your Spanish, and make an impact. Participants collaborate with US and Latin American peers on community service projects related to areas such as public health, leadership through sports, civic engagement, youth entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability.


What you’ll do:
  • Live like a local with your host family
  • Improve your Spanish with authentic immersion
  • Enjoy the independence to shape your own experience
  • Build lifelong friendships that bridge borders
  • Work with local youth on a service project
  • Earn up to 270 service hours
  • Learn just how much you're capable of!



You’ll be supported throughout your entire experience by our 24/7 On-Call Emergency Management Team. When you arrive in country, you will receive a personalized safety plan.

Train with the National Office immediately before your trip or with a local chapter throughout the year. Once you arrive in Latin America, spend your first few days abroad at country-specific training.

You’ll live with a local family in your community, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the distinct culture of the region.

Learn about sustainable community development practices in order to create positive change and make a lasting impact. Work alongside community members to implement a community development initiative.

Host unique workshops throughout the summer for youth in your community. Play fun energizers, perform skits, dance with new friends, and work with local kids and teens to design and lead exciting after-school activities.

Your project supervisor will visit your community once a week to see you in action and provide support.

You’ll be paired in your community with one or two other passionate young people from the US or Latin America, and you’ll work together to plan activities and your community project.

Come together with the other participants on your project to reflect on your time in country and unwind from a summer well spent. Go on excursions to cool spots in your host country!


Accredited by the Gap Year Association, our Gap Programs provide unparalleled immersion and leadership experiences in Ecuador. You’ll be placed in a volunteer internship with a community development organization. You’ll live with a host family for your entire stay and become part of the community. You’ll work to craft and implement a sustainable service project. With fellow participants, you'll go on excursions to must-see spots in your host country! And you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime exploring a new country.


The AMIGOS Gap Experience
  • Live like a local with your host family
  • Complete an internship, earning 30+ service hours each week
  • Improve your Spanish through authentic cultural immersion
  • Enjoy the independence to design projects, travel, and shape your own experience
  • Collaborate with community members on a sustainable service project
  • Engage in professional leadership training
  • Explore the country with other participants on monthly excursions
  • Count on 24/7 on-call support



You will attend Spanish classes at a local Spanish school and take part in intensive Spanish classes for your first month abroad. These classes include language instruction in the mornings and dynamic activities such as cooking, salsa lessons, scavenger hunts, and other fun activities in the afternoons. You will then get private tutoring sessions for the rest of the semester or year.

You will first participate in a pre-departure training in Houston to learn more about AMIGOS before heading abroad. When you arrive in-country, you’ll take part in an engaging training that will prepare you for your gap experience. This training will cover topics such as program specifics, leadership, community development, and multicultural understanding.

You will be placed in an internship at one of our partner agencies. Here, you’ll spend 30+hours a week working on projects that allow you to gain real-life work experience in a culture different from your own. Partner agencies range from large governmental organizations and municipal offices to small NGOs. Some examples include: a fair trade store and community tourism organization, a local government office focused on the sustainability of resources within the city, a small nonprofit committed to providing opportunities for disadvantaged populations.

Work directly with your partner agency to plan, design, and execute a sustainable community-based project. Use your imagination, energy, and ingenuity to develop a proposal, raise resources, and watch the project come to life! Some examples of past service projects include: women’s empowerment workshops, creation of youth groups, summer camps for youth with diabetes, painting murals and reforestation activities in a national park.

Monthly excursions to must-see spots let you explore the country, learn about culture, and have adventures, while getting to know other gap participants.

Come together with your fellow gap participants to talk about your experience, discuss challenges and successes that you’ve encountered, and build skills that you’ll use in your gap year and beyond. You could be a part of workshops that focus on leadership skills, community development, international development, or working in a cross-cultural context.

You’ll be accompanied throughout your gap year experience by a group
of incredible, excited young leaders just like yourself! Take advantage of the diversity of experiences within your group to learn about the different perspectives on the world that your peers bring to the table. Lean on your fellow gap participants as you experience all of the joys and challenges that come with calling a new country “home.”


The things you will learn and experience, the relationships you will build, and the joy and love you will feel are irreplaceable and will remain with you through the rest of your life.

Emma, Gap Program Participant