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  • You can quadruple the impact of your annual giving according to monthly giving expert Keith Trinh of the Modern Nonprofit.

The Monthly Donor Society recognizes a special network of supporters, people who have different stories with our organization but the same desire to sustain our programs!



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Did you know that as many as two-thirds of companies in the United States might match donations according to America’s Charities’ Snapshot Employer Research?

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Your company might be able to extend the impact of your giving through a matching gift program! If you are not aware of this program (many people are not), search below or inquire with your HR office to see if your gift could be matched. AMIGOS EIN is 74-1547146. If you have any questions, email Donor Relations Manager Sam Waters at [email protected].

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Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant information provided by
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Current companies matching gifts to AMIGOS:

AMGEN Foundation
Aresenal Capital Partners
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The Boeing Company
Boston Consulting Group
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Clorox Company
Discover Financial Services
Energizer Batteries
First Weber Group
General Mills
Goldman Sachs & Co.
Greater Kansas Southern
Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund
Holland & Knight LLP
IBG Financial Advisors
Kaiser Permanente
Lyondell Chemical Company
Macquarie Group
McKinsey & Co.
Murphy Oil
Phillips 66
Portland General Electric
Progressive Insurance
Shell Oil Company
S & P Global
Texas Instruments
Workday Financials


AMIGOS has touched the lives of thousands of alumni, parents, chapter leaders, and supporters over the past five decades. A bequest or other legacy gift is a meaningful way to leave a legacy with an organization that has played an important role in your life. 

The Guy Bevil Legacy Society is designed to create a communication channel between our legacy donors and the organization. 

You may designate your gift toward the area of greatest need, financial assistance, the AMIGOS endowment, or a specific program. If you have already made a legacy gift, please let us know so we can recognize you as a society member.

The Guy Bevil Legacy Society Intention Form can be downloaded here. For questions, please contact the AMIGOS Fund Development Team at [email protected]


When you include a charity in your will or estate plans, you are making a bequest. Bequests are the most common type of legacy gift. You can also leave a legacy gift by making AMIGOS the beneficiary of one’s retirement plan, life insurance, stock, cash assets, etc.

Find sample language for two of the easiest legacy gifts to make below:


You may find sample language for making a bequest here.

IRA or Retirement Account Charitable Distribution

A sample letter to your retirement plan provider may be found here.


The Guy Bevil Legacy Society is named in honor of the founder of AMIGOS, Guy Bevil, who had the vision and drive to start the organization in 1965. We applaud Guy Bevil’s legacy as well as the foresight of our Legacy Society members who are securing our vision for future generations and the organization’s future success.

Guy Bevil, Founder and Executive Director of Amigos de las Américas, 1965-1975. Before founding AMIGOS, he traveled to Europe, Western Asia, and Central America as an amateur archaeologist and then served as the Youth Minister at River Oaks Baptist Church.

Founding Legacy Society Members

Douglass and Margaret Beeman
Phil Bratten
Charlie Evans, MD
Ann Sandford
Mary Stelletello and Andy Howick
Marvin Trotter
Emily Untermeyer
Anonymous (1)


Hear Directly from Guy Bevil Legacy Society Members

“When my son passed away a few years ago, I searched for ways to remember him, an AMIGOS volunteer in Costa Rica in 1992. It did not take long for me to decide that donations and a legacy gift to AMIGOS would both help allay my grief and honor my son’s commitment to the AMIGOS mission. I also came to realize that my support for youth programs in Latin America had come to reflect, and expand upon, my own interests. Over many years, my trips to Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala, while visiting my son, had shown me, up close, that young Americans abroad could both help others in need and build lifelong leadership skills grounded in community work experiences and relationship-building across cultures. 

My commitment to AMIGOS has only grown as I have watched the organization respond to the need for innovative programs to meet challenges presented by the pandemic. I joined the Guy Bevil Legacy Society by committing to a legacy gift to help ensure that AMIGOS will thrive long into the future.”  

–Ann Sandford, AMIGOS Parent (’92, ’93, ’94, ’99, ’00); 7/1/2021 


“My life changed when Guy Bevil spoke at my church when I was 15. I went on survey with him the next spring and to Guatemala in ’68, ’69, and ’70, Honduras in ’71, and Paraguay in ’72. AMIGOS changed my view of the world by making me a better person with more compassion, empathy, and a desire to do for others. At the beginning of my career, I wanted to help my community by building a much-needed recreation center. Guy Bevil and AMIGOS taught me to have a vision and stick with it! With the help of many others, we raised $9 million and built a 20,000 sq. ft. Center. I joined the Guy Bevil Legacy Society by committing to a $50,000 legacy gift. My donation will contribute to the future of AMIGOS volunteers and communities throughout Latin America. When you make a legacy gift to AMIGOS, you are throwing rocks in a pond that causes multiple ripples.”  

–Marvin Trotter, ’71, ’72; 08/28/2019 

Become the next visionary legacy donor and member of the Guy Bevil Legacy Society!

Amigos de las Américas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. As such, we are not a professional financial advising organization. Any information found on this webpage does not constitute financial or legal advice. For financial and legal counsel, please consult your personal financial and legal advisers.


Fundraise for AMIGOS

People of all types involved in our organization (staff, board, volunteers, alumni, etc.) can connect AMIGOS to funding sources. Through fundraising conducted by the AMIGOS Fund Development team and AMIGOS chapters, we raise nearly $2 million in giving each year to support our programs and students. With your individual story and personal connections, you can take part in this massive effort in a way that no one else can.

Ways you can assist in fundraising:

Hear What Changemakers Have to Say About AMIGOS

When you join AMIGOS, you become part of our family. The AMIGOS community is filled with changemakers who are supporting young leaders who join our programs. Hear from program alumni, their families, and educators as they discuss the impact of AMIGOS and their own stories.  


Mateo Rojas, ’14, ’19,’21; 2/13/2022


“My AMIGOS experience in Costa Rica ’87, Michoacán, Mexico ’88, Costa Rica ’89, and Manabí, Ecuador ’91 quite literally changed the trajectory of my personal and professional interests, and my life in a profound and positive way. My work in international development for over 20 years, and interest in community development and impact initiatives, was sparked while working along local community leaders and organizations to enhance and improve the well-being of children and families on diverse initiatives in Latin America. My experience with AMIGOS helped me understand that I had a part to play in the vision of change we want to see in the world. This photo was taken during Ecuadorian President Sixto Durán Ballén‘s visit to Portoviejo, Manabí where our summer country office headquarters was based when I served as Project Director in 1991. When I learned that President Sixto was in town for the day, I resolved to find a way meet him. One of my AMIGOS Project Staff at the time said that it would be “impossible” to meet the President at the last minute, and due to the President’s security. And in that very moment, I realized that it was important to demonstrate the importance of not being confined or deterred by our doubts to my Project Staff who had incredible leadership potential to return with AMIGOS as Sr. Staff themselves – we had to give it a try. In addition to meeting President Sixto, we met the Minister of Health and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. And AMIGOS volunteers vaccinated 30,000 cats and dogs against rabies that summer, in a mere 6 weeks. AMIGOS no longer undertakes rabies vaccination programs. AMIGOS has transitioned to new models of impactful programming which I support wholeheartedly, in addition to its sustained cultural and language immersion experience with host families – which makes the AMIGOS experience unparalleled to any other I have seen.”

–Raquel Wexler, ’87; ’88; ’89; ’93; 10/19/20


“I believe in stretching youth to develop leadership skills early and in forging close personal relationships between youth throughout the Americas. AMIGOS does this well.”   

–Scott Roberts, 7/22/20  


“My AMIGOS experience began in 1974 when I was a high school student in Denver, Colorado, and it lasted seven or eight years. I ended up, you know, of course being a Route Leader and a Project Director. I actually worked a year at the International Office here in Houston right after I graduated from college doing chapter development, so that was a lot of fun. And AMIGOS was so key in helping me figure out what I wanted to do. Initially, I thought, you know, it has to be medicine or public health, etc., but I actually met some really interesting diplomats, foreign service officers, and USAID officials in my AMIGOS work and, again, decided that was what I wanted to do. So that is what I ended up doing, and I have done that 37, 38, years now. I give back to AMIGOS because it was the most consequential experience of my youth and put me on the road to a wonderful career in public service. AMIGOS nurtured my passion and potential as an effective leader and manager and set the stage for my success as a Foreign Service Officer. Please pay it forward with a generous donation to AMIGOS so that the next generation of young leaders can do good and do well in service to others.” 

Ambassador Arnold Chacón, ’74; ’75; ’76; ’77; ’78; ’79; 7/13/2020


“AMIGOS taught me many very important lessons at a young age, but one that has most stuck with me is that given the tools to think critically about the world and themselves, youth are capable of things far beyond what their age suggests. I am proud to infuse that spirit into my work by encouraging my students to ask critical questions, develop self-awareness, and become strong self-advocates. I support AMIGOS so they can continue to empower and inspire as many youth leaders as possible.” 

–Libby Udelson, ’08, 09, 11, 12, 14, 174/26/20


“I donated to AMIGOS because it was a way to help more teenagers go on this amazing experience. I received financial assistance to be able to attend my AMIGOS trip, and I just want to be able to help more students like me experience this journey.” 

–Alexa Lara, ’19; 4/22/2020


I donated because I got so much out of my participant experience and want others to be able to experience AMIGOS in the same capacity that I did.

–Emma Link, ’15, ’16, ’17; 04/14/2020


“In the ’80s, I was the Director of Finance and Administration for AMIGOS. During my time there, 5 years, I had the chance to go to Mexico and Costa Rica and see the impact that AMIGOS makes on a community. I also saw a transformation in the volunteers. They went in young and inexperienced and came out mature and ready to make an impact on the world. In the interim, I have stayed in touch with AMIGOS, and I feel it is on us whose lives were impacted by AMIGOS to help the organization endure. Programs like this need to continue to be an option for young people.”

–Richard Nevins; 04/02/2020


“My life changed when Guy Bevil spoke at my church when I was 15. I went on survey with him the next spring and to Guatemala in ’68, ’69, and ’70, Honduras in ’71, and Paraguay in ’72. AMIGOS changed my view of the world by making me a better person with more compassion, empathy, and a desire to do for others. At the beginning of my career, I wanted to help my community by building a much-needed recreation center. Guy Bevil and AMIGOS taught me to have a vision and stick with it! With the help of many others, we raised $9 million and built a 20,000 sq. ft. Center. I joined the Guy Bevil Legacy Society by committing to a $50,000 legacy gift. My donation will contribute to the future of AMIGOS volunteers and communities throughout Latin America. When you make a legacy gift to AMIGOS, you are throwing rocks in a pond that causes multiple ripples.” 

–Marvin Trotter, ’71, ’72; 08/28/2019


StoryCorps® AMIGOS – 2020 Adelante Festival

In celebration of the first virtual Adelante Festival in September 2020, we documented three audio stories of connection and impact. If you are interested in sharing your AMIGOS story, contact [email protected].

Ellen Curran and Ann Crowley, parents turned chapter leaders


Arjun and Alice Chatterjee, father and daughter – two generations of Amigos


Ed, Bella, and Brendon Cazier, an AMIGOS family


The opinions expressed in these interviews do not represent the official opinions or views of Amigos de las Américas.


The Foundation for Amigos de las Américas was established in December 2003 as an independent 501 (c)(3) organization to support the youth leadership and sustainable development work of Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS). The dream of creating the Foundation was born out of the desire to take full advantage of the opportunities available to AMIGOS to make a difference in both the lives of volunteers and our host communities.



The endowment enables AMIGOS to keep programs accessible to youth from diverse backgrounds and supports innovation for the future.

For questions about the endowment, please contact Jenny Claycombe, Managing Director of Development, at [email protected]



Kevin Lanier
Steve Cook
Steve Sharpe

Recognition for Major Gifts and Investments in 2021

Our commitment to access would not be possible without the support of our individual, corporate, and foundation donors. Their belief in our mission and their financial support enable us to continue inspiring lifelong leadership and shared global responsibility through our authentic and immersive programs. We are honored to recognize donors who supported AMIGOS at the national level with a monetary gift or an in-kind donation of $1,000 or greater in 2021. 


Corporate and Foundation Donors

Adobe Employee Community Fund
Ann C. & C. Hamilton Sloan Family Foundation
Aronson Foundation, Inc.
Arsenal Capital Partners
Canarium Books
Capital Plus Financial
Higginbotham Insurance Agency
Everett Family Fund of the Greater Houston Community Foundation
Holland & Knight LLP
Inviso Corporation
The Kauffmann Foundation, Inc.
Liftsource Machinery, LTD
MSB Cockayne Fund, Inc.
Murphy Oil Corporation
Robbins, Salomon & Patt Ltd.
Ruth Mott Foundation
SCA Charitable Foundation
Seattle Foundation
Strake Foundation
Tico Lingo
Verizon Foundation
Vitol Foundation
Weatherspoon Charitable Foundation
Westwood Trust
White & Case
Wynne Health Group, LLC

To see AMIGOS corporate partners and to find opportunities for your company to support AMIGOS, visit our corporate partners web page here. 

Individual Donors

Molly and Marco Abbruzzese
Douglas and Stacy Alexander
Jean Alvord Rhodes
Cathy Arnold
Jereme Axelrod
David Baron and Pamela Mann
The Baruja Family
Julia and Jonathan Bender
Peter and Margie Benziger
Elizabeth Blowers-Nyman and Jay Nyman
Mark and Teresa Bonsack
Jennifer Brodsky and Kumar Dandapani
Lauren Cantor
Ed and Suky Cazier
Arnold and Alida Chacón
Brent and Barbara Chalmers
Raja Chatterjee and Aimee Wilkin
Tanja and Paul-Henri Chevalier
Sarah and Ryan Collins
Patty and Don Cook
Steve and Allyson Cook
James and Jill Crutcher
Ellen Curran
Viviana and David Denechaud
Brian Dolan
Kathy Drago
Ronald Elesh, MD, MPH, and Hayley Silverman, PsyD
Charlie Evans, MD
Everett Family Fund of the Greater Houston Community Foundation
Stephanie Falkenstein and Subir Kumedan
Don Freedman and Martha Kaplan Freedman
Josh and Mollye Fryday
Patricia Selcke Grad and Ben Grad
Angie and James Graves
Mike Gridley
Magdalena and Tony Grijalva
Andrew Haas and Susan Seligman-Haas
Michael Hafner and Samantha Schnee
Sarah and Andy Heck
Holly and Chris Hollenbeck
Kevin and Tammy Holme
Scott Horsley
Andrew Howick and Mary Stelletello
Fred and Karen Hulting
Adolfo Jiménez and Ulrike Falkenberg
Chris Johnson and Cynthia Pekow
Phil and Linda Johnson
Michael King and Jane Schussler
Samantha and Benjamin Krause
Wade and Donna Lamson
Jennifer Langdon
Kevin and Robin Lanier
Bryan and Leanne Link
Catherine and George Masterson
Roy and Laura Sharpe McCutchen
Kelly McMullen and Daniel Bowles
Michael and Patricia Moore
Anne Morriss and Frances Frei
Chad and Kellie Motsinger
Andrew and Sara Nathan
Tanju and Tina Obut
David Perna
Lisa Pieper and Robert Garland
Marc and Leanna Primiani
Pete Ralston
Art and Patti Rascon
Paul Reidy and Jennifer Wuamett
Tom and Diane Reidy
Scott and Cathi Roberts
Milton and Lisa Roney
Patricia Rosenberg and Scott Nichols
Tim and Michele Ruch
Ann Sandford
Stephen Schafer and Lisa Brogan Schafer
George Scharffenberger
Bob and Donna Schutt
Gordon and Suzette Schutze
Steve and Susana Sharpe
Barrett Sides
Bryn Siegel
Tim Singletary and Joanne Houck
Scott Smith and Phyllis Tien
Toby and LaDeena Spoon
Alayna Tetreault-Rooney and Daniel Sabet
Frank Tetreault and Kathleen Rooney
Missa Thumm and Chris Thayer
Kirsten Tobey and Benjamin Saenz
Marvin and Cassandra Trotter
James Tysell
Libby Udelson
Dayton and Sara Voorhees
Dorn and Dominique Wenninger
Robert and LaNoe Westheimer
Dr. and Mrs. Henry D. Wilde Jr.
Amalia Wille Davidoff and Eliot Davidoff
Mark and Barbara Wille
Anonymous (X6)

Donors in Memory of

Phyllis G. Ceaser (1934–2021)
John D. Cowsar Sr. (1925–1921)
Joe Crownover (1967–2021)
Ronald M. Katzman (1932–2021)