Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepahek

AMIGOS values partnerships to further our vision of creating a world where each young person becomes a lifelong catalyst for social change. We see collaboration, teamwork, and partnerships as critical to creating a better world. Join us in building the next generation of global leaders!

Customized Program Partnerships

AMIGOS partners with organizations to design custom programs during the summer or academic semester/year. AMIGOS has more than 50 years of experience working in youth development throughout Latin America. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader, and we want to make the AMIGOS experience possible for even more students.

Who Partners with AMIGOS?

Nonprofits, colleges, universities, and high schools. If you are looking for strong immersion, meaningful community development, and connections with local youth and community members, AMIGOS is the choice for you!

What does AMIGOS Specialize In?

  • Youth development: We work with local youth, connecting your students to their Latin American peers.
  • Pre-departure training.
  • Cultural and linguistic immersion and host family stays.
  • Door-to-door travel support, including a 24/7 travel hotline.
  • Fundraising experience and tools to succeed: 90% of our participants fundraise for their AMIGOS experience.
  • Health and safety system: with 50 years of experience, not only have we seen it all, we have created policies and procedures to ensure your students’ well-being.
  • Network of in-country partnerships and community connections.
  • Professional and bilingual in-country support staff.
  • Full international insurance coverage.
  • Leadership and experience evaluations: pre- and post-service evaluations ask the important questions, and this data pushes us to reevaluate our programs every year.
  • Paths to come back to AMIGOS and grow within the organization.
  • College-specific programming: we work with students and institutions to build compelling college-track options.
Partner Highlights

Summer Search

Since 2012, AMIGOS has worked with Summer Search to develop and implement a summer program tailored to its students in the Yucatan, Mexico. Students work with local community partners in the region, and we place between 25-30 high school students in host families.

Tufts University

AMIGOS partners with Tufts University to provide students with the opportunity to learn from a transformational year of full-time international service before beginning their academic studies at Tufts.

US Department of State- Bureau of Education & Cultural Affairs (ECA)

AMIGOS has partnered with ECA since June 2011, and  AMIGOS currently administers programs for high school students from Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, and the United States.  These programs are designed to provide a 3-4 week intensive leadership training and cultural exchange experience abroad, while preparing students carry out relevant community projects after their return home.

OUR Partnership Network

Our partnership network shares our vision of building a movement of young leaders. We do this through: cross-promotion; technical training for participants and/or staff members; curriculum development; and collaborative learning in the area of international youth exchange and service. We are open to partnership proposals and inquiries at any time. If your organization or school is interested in partnering with AMIGOS, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Our University and College Partners



US Non-Profits and Community Organization Partners
Latin American Partner Agencies

AMIGOS programs are conducted in close collaboration with international, national, and local partner agencies with the goal of supporting ongoing, sustainable community and youth development efforts.

In 2015, we are partnering with more than 30 local organizations to ensure that the work of our participants’ supports continuing efforts at the community level. AMIGOS works with program partners to jointly determine the focus, location and size of projects, taking into consideration local community interests, safety, and the potential for successful outcomes.