Our Approach to Building Lifelong Leaders

AMIGOS inspires authentic leadership through independent immersion and hands-on service experiences. We have three goals for volunteers:

  1. Development of personal leadership skills,
  2. Improved ability to work across cultures, and
  3. Increased commitment to tackling challenges in communities throughout the Americas.

Our students develop meaningful connections with their host communities. They collaborate respectfully and sustainably on service projects with our local partners. When they return home, they have a richer understanding of cultural diversity and community engagement.

Our Commitment to Access

Every year, we distribute over $300,000 in financial assistance. We are committed to giving students from all socioeconomic backgrounds this life-changing experience. Our communities need leaders of all diverse backgrounds.

Read more about our Financial Assistance Program for more information.



Percentage of students who received financial assistance.

40% of students in the Community Impact Project summer session

42% of students in our Civic Action Gap Semester

74% of students in the Community Impact Project fall session

88% of Latin American students were fully sponsored to participate in either the Community Impact Project or Civic Action Gap Semester



“Overall, the Community Impact Project has been an incredible experience. I have gotten a chance to learn about myself, others’ cultures, communities’, and created friendships as well. I appreciate the help of our Cohort Leaders and their dedication to help us with our projects.”


We invite alumni and supporters to join us in increasing our financial assistance pool by making a donation. There are many students who dream of having an AMIGOS experience but need financial support to participate.


AMIGOS distinguishes our programs by providing leadership development opportunities to youth from Latin America, not just youth from the United States. Latin American youth have participated as full-time volunteers across our programs since 2010. For example, approximately 30-40 Latin American students volunteer full-time on the Summer Immersion Program each year, either traveling to a different community within their home country or traveling to a foreign country. They also leave our programs transformed.

Even though 2020 programs looked different due to the pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, Latin American students were still sponsored to participate.



Bryan from Costa Rica participated in the first session of the Community Impact Project in the summer of 2020. He wanted to support his peers during the pandemic. He founded Stand2Learn to give one-on-one math tutoring services and other support to students.

“We are basically giving math tutoring to 60 students because we have been seeing a lot of academic challenges during the pandemic. And we really wanted to increase our learning-at-home skills. And that’s something we have been doing. It has been amazing, the result that we have gotten.”

–Bryan, 15, Costa Rica


AMIGOS is also making an impact on our host communities themselves, which span across thousands of communities in the Americas. Designed and implemented with local partner agencies, our community-service projects range from global citizenship to environmental conversation, public health, entrepreneurship, gender equality through sports, and cultural preservation. Many local youth also collaborate with our student volunteers on these carefully constructed and engaging projects.


It’s been 55 years since our founder, Guy Bevil, led a team of teens and doctors into rural Honduras to fight a growing polio epidemic. They learned as much about themselves as they did about the community and culture they stepped into.

The self-actualized and motivated young leaders and the welcoming and dynamic host communities of our programs remind us of our collective humanity.

As they form human connections with their host communities, our student volunteers expand their own perspectives and empower themselves in the process. They return home more mature and confident. The AMIGOS experience stays with our alumni, its impact still surfacing in their lives afterwards.

Listen to a few of our alumni resurface the impact of AMIGOS on their lives by video testimony:


Served 30,000+ students

Operated in 17 countries in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean

Partnered with 300+ host agencies, including government ministries, international development agencies, and local organizations


Reports from our Alumni

98% increased cultural awareness and developed skills to be respectful of differing cultural norms
96% improved Spanish language skills
95% rated their overall AMIGOS experience positively
94% improved self-confidence, communication skills, and problem-solving skills
91% developed skills and qualities attractive to future employers or institutions of higher education
90% increased their ability to be effective leaders and support others
83% are inspired to be more actively involved in their own communities and to work with others to solve problems