At AMIGOS we know that the best way to experience the world is by living in it.

It’s been 54 years since our founder Guy Bevil led a team of teens and doctors into rural Honduras to fight a growing polio epidemic. What they learned that first year remains even more true today: when you cross borders into the unknown and allow that place into your heart,  you simply can’t stay the same.

This is where we find the power of AMIGOS. This power is in the transformation that comes from the deep humility, empathy, and connection we build at an age where our whole life is ahead of us.

We are convinced there is no better long-term antidote to discord and division in the world than the experience of deep immersion and the discovery of our collective humanity.   


impact of our programs

95.5% of alumni rate their overall AMIGOS experience positively
90% of alumni increased their ability to be effective leaders and support others
94% of alumni improved self-confidence, communication skills, and problem-solving skills
98% of alumni increased cultural awareness and developed skills to be respectful of differing cultural norms
83% of alumni are inspired to be more actively involved in their own communities and to work with others to solve problems

98.2% of our alumni say that AMIGOS helped them gain sensitivity to and respect for differing cultural norms. 

Since 1965, AMIGOS has

Served 28,000+ high school and college students
Operated in 17 countries in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean
Partnered with 300+ host agencies, including government ministries, international development agencies, and local organizations


94.3% – improved self confidence
96.5% – improved Spanish language skills
– improved communications skills
– improved cultural awareness
84.1% – Influenced their career path
84.4% – Impacted which courses they take in college and graduate school
83.8% – Inspired them to be more actively involved in their own community at home
91.8%  – Developed skills and qualities that were attractive to future employers or institutions of higher education

2017 Project outcomes

200+ host communities throughout the Americas collaborated with volunteers
8,000+ hours of community workshops hosted by volunteers
250+ service projects developed in host communities in the areas of community infrastructure, environment, public health, micro-enterprises, and community building.

Our APPROACH TO building young leaders

AMIGOS develops youth leaders through independent immersion and hands on service learning experiences. We have three goals for our participants. 

  1. Development of personal leadership skills
  2. Improved ability to work across cultures
  3. An increase commitment to tackling challenges in communities across the Americas. 

Our students positively impact their host communities and return home with a higher sense of purpose and better understanding of community.


AMIGOS is committed to access and offers need-based financial assistance to support applicants and families.

Every year, approximately 82% of all students receive financial support

  • 26% of students are fully funded
  • 56% of students receive partial financial assistance support


commitment to Latin American youth

AMIGOS is committed to providing opportunities for Latin American youth to gain leadership experience through involvement in our programs. For decades, youth in our host communities have participated in community projects alongside our students. And, in 2010 we made the commitment to provide opportunities for Latin American youth to participate in AMIGOS full-time just like students from the U.S.


Approximately 40 Latin American students participate full-time in the Summer Program each year, either travelling to a different community within their country or travelling to a foreign country to participate. More than 500 local youth in our host communities also receive AMIGOS training and participate in the community projects designed by our students.

In an increasingly global society, leaders from all corners of the globe are needed to engage diverse cultures and communities and transcend boundaries.

We believe in the power of communities and individuals to make the world a better place. 

AMIGOS across the U.s.

The AMIGOS Chapter network has existed since 1966. Currently 25 chapters serve students and families across the United States. The Chapters are supported by dedicated volunteers who help select, train and support students before their AMIGOS program experience. This grassroots approach reinforces our commitment to and belief in the work of communities throughout the Americas.



Our commitment to access would not be possible without the support of our individual, corporate and foundation donors. Their belief in our mission enables us to continue the vital work of helping young people realize their potential as leaders and positive forces of good in the world. We are honored to recognize 2017 donors who supported AMIGOS at the national level with a gift of $1,000 and greater. 


Corporate and foundation donors

Alexander Family Foundation
Amegy Bank of Texas
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Ann C. and C. Hamilton Sloan Foundation
Arsenal Capital Management
Beacon Technologies
Brinker Family Fund
The Brown Foundation
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Crunch Pak
Everett Family Fund of the Greater Houston Community Foundation
Foundation for Amigos de las Américas
George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation
Jackson Walker, LLP
James M. Collins Foundation
Joe and Merrill Hafner Fund
Kauffmann Family Foundation
Kiwanis Foundation of Houston
Kuraray America, Inc.
Lift Source Machinery Ltd.
Mann Family Foundation
The Merck Foundation
MSB Cockayne Fund Inc
Plow Group
Richard and Alita Rogers Fund of Akron Community Foundation
SCA Charitable Foundation
Seattle Foundation
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Strake Foundation
United Airlines
Weatherspoon Charitable Foundation
Westwood Trust

individual donors

Cindy and Eric Arbanovella
Cathy and Bill Arnold
David Baron and Pamela Mann
Margaret and Douglass Beeman
Elizabeth Blowers-Nyman and Jay Nyman
LaNoe Bolling Westheimer and Robert Westheimer
Alison Butler
Lauren Eve Cantor
Cheryl A. Casper
Sandy and Tom Cattarin
Edward C. Cazier and Emma Umaña
Sarah and Ryan Collins
Allyson and Steve Cook
Joseph Cleary
Marilyn and George DeMontrond III
Karen and Alan Crossley
Ronald Elesh, MD
Sarah Felknor and Denton Ragland
Eitan Fenson and Barbara Weinstein
Mary and Dane Fetherling
Cathy and Ed Frank
Martha and Don Freedman
Dena Green Korsgard
Patricia Selcke Grad and Ben Grad
Betsy and Fred Griffin
Merrill and Joe Hafner
Michael Hafner and Samantha Schnee
Andrew Haas and Susan Seligman-Haas
Tammy and Kevin Holme
Linda and Phil Johnson, MD
Dawn Joyce in honor of William Wynne
Dana and Mike Kercheval
Samantha and Ben Krause
Jennifer Langdon and Joe Crownover
Dianne Langmade
Celeste and Clyde Layne
Leanne and Bryan Link
David Madson
Roy McCutchen and Laura Sharpe McCutchen
Kelly McMullen, MD and Daniel Bowles, MD
Erin Mulligan and James Bull
Andrew Nathan
Elizabeth and Justin Nelson
Laura and Steve Otillar
Chris Johnson and Cindy Pekow
David. A Perna
Flora Pirquet and Gary Beckmann
Leanna and Marc Primiani
Ilene and Bart Putterman
Cahterine and Scott Roberts
Lisa and Milton Roney
Patricia Rosenberg and Scott Nichols
Michelle and Tim Ruch
Ann Sandford and Paul Guggenheim
Lisa Brogan Schafer and Steve Schafer
Cathy and Fred Seligman
Susana and Steve Sharpe
Alice Wilson Specht
LaDeena and Toby Spoon
Shelley Starr and David Martin
Susan Stevenson and David Littleton
David Ovitz Terry and Lucille Hawley Terry
Sarah Tukman
Marianne Vicencio Ward and David Ward
Janet and Jim Zimmerman
Sara and Dayton Voorhees
Anonymous (6)

We also honor those who were Remembered through memorial gifts

John and Diane Allensworth
Emily Benatar
Guy Bevil
Don Celestino
William Craig
Stephen Drammer
Robert Elliott
Frank and Liz Erickson
Patrick Flaherty (17)
Bob and Helen Glasgow
Howard Kauffmann
Marion Kercheval
Paula Mursell
Dorothea Rodkey
Nancy Wilson Sandoval and Ned Wilson

Thank You!