What is a chapter?

AMIGOS is dedicated to making our programs accessible to everyone. We offer two flexible models for pre-departure activities and training: the National Chapter and local chapters.


what is a chapter


Local chapters provide fantastic in-person support and represent the diversity and strength of the extended AMIGOS community. Local chapters are open to 15-19 year old High School students interested in AMIGOS summer programs who live near one of our 10 local chapter areas.

In a local chapter you’ll participate in group fundraising, in-person training, and receive local support from your chapter throughout the school year. Training generally takes place over several sessions throughout the spring semester. Because of this, the final deadline to apply to a local chapter is earlier than the National Chapter deadline. Local chapter volunteers pay a lower program fee than National chapter volunteers because the whole cohort commits to groups fundraising which lowers the cost for all participants. Local chapters also offer needs-based financial assistance.

If you are considering a Summer Program and live near a local chapter, we encourage you to apply through them. Each chapter is run by a volunteer board of directors and is a locally registered AMIGOS organization.


The National Chapter is open to all students ages 13-22 who are interested in the Summer or Gap Program.

You’ll apply to the National Chapter, complete pre-departure training online, and have the option to fundraise for your trip individually. The National Chapter is a great option if you do not live near a local chapter or have a schedule that conflicts with local, in-person activities.

As a National chapter volunteer you will have online pre-departure training. Trainings are mostly pre-recorded with a few live Zoom sessions on health and safety and project specifics. You can complete these trainings from home and on your own schedule which makes the National chapter a great option for busy people who need flexibility in their schedules.

If you are looking to help reduce the cost of your program you have a several options as a National chapter volunteer. We have needs-based finacial aid available, support and training in setting up an optional individual fundraising campaign, optional college credit which allows you to use funds from a 529 savings plan to pay for some of most of the program fee, and the option to deduct a portion of your program fee from your taxes. To learn more about any of these options you can contact our Outreach team and any of the following


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