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Go Beyond Travel: Ecuador Gap Year

Are you teacher who has any students who would be a good fit for our summer volunteer programs in Latin America? We have spots open for students interested in volunteering, Spanish immersion, and cultural exchange!⠀ ⠀
Help your students do something out of the ordinary next summer.⠀ AMIGOS has two- to eight-week summer programs for ages 13–22 in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, and Peru. Students complete a service project and live with a host family.

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"AMIGOS showed me the ability we have to make a positive impact.⠀

2019 is almost over, and it's important to think about the impact you've made on the world. And even more, it's important to think about the potential waiting just around the corner. I can't wait to see all of the awesome change we can create together."⠀

- Meghan; AMIGOS + Project Staff Alumna, HQ Admissions Manager

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This Friday: AMIGOS Service and Networking in DC⠀ ⠀
You are invited to make an impact in the DC area. AMIGOS is organizing a group to volunteer at Good Project’s Brown Bag 2019 event to help put together 2,000 bagged lunches and sanitary kits for the homeless community.⠀ ⠀
AMIGOS in Action for Brown Bag 2019 ⠀
101 M Street SW, First District Police Station ⠀
Friday, December 13th⠀
6:00–8:00 PM - Service Event⠀
8:00 PM - Socialize at Mission Navy Yard⠀

Please RSVP to Sam Waters at [email protected] by end of day today (12/11) if you can join us for a fun evening.⠀ ⠀
We can't wait to meet fellow Amigos, make an impact, and build a stronger AMIGOS community in DC. Hasta pronto!

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"November was so amazing that I decided to extend my stay here in Cuenca and become a full year student. The opportunity to continue my internship and service project, spend more time with my host family, and explore more parts of Ecuador was too enticing to pass up."⠀

Read more about current gap volunteer David's month by month experience in the field on our blog, La Carta! (Link in the bio)

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"[On my first AMIGOS summer,] I felt like we did some good work, but the time constraints limited what was possible. After my second AMIGOS experience, I left knowing that I had done something with my time and effort that would truly better the community that I stayed in."⠀

Here more from AMIGOS alum Jordan comparing Discover AMIGOS to a Summer Immersion project in our latest blog. Link in the bio!

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The host family experience is unique for everybody. ⠀

“Fernando was so excited about being in the United States and was willing to try new foods (even vegetables), thoroughly enjoyed new experiences (like seeing the ocean, going sledding and even vacuuming) and practicing his English…⠀

My children, Abby and Daniel connected with him through music, movies and Youtube. Abby was able to practice her Spanish and Daniel was home for many more dinners than usual.”⠀

-Dottie, 2012-2018 Host Mom⠀

APPLY NOW to support the Youth Ambassadors Program by hosting this winter.⠀⠀

The Youth Ambassadors Program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government. The program is administered by World Learning in partnership with Amigos de las Américas.

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When you google the word “microenterprise,” you might get a lot about startups and small companies. However, when you travel to Latin America with AMIGOS, microenterprise takes on a completely new definition.⠀

In rural communities, microenterprises are business endeavors started by the community, for the community. Typically, these are family run, allowing one or two people in the household to support themselves and bring goods or services into their area. Some examples include planting a small crop and selling it, starting a guinea pig farm, or even running a small beauty salon.⠀

Explore the world of microenterprises with the Ecuador: Chimborazo Summer Immersion Project next summer! Secure your spot at

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¡Pura Vida!⠀

Technically it translates to “pure life,” but in Costa Rica, it's more than a saying. It's a way of life! No worries and no stress, it means being thankful for what you have and not dwelling on the negative.⠀

Spend some time this summer immersing yourself in the pura vida in Costa Rica with AMIGOS! Apply now at

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