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Go Beyond Travel: Ecuador Gap Year

Explore Machu Picchu on our Peru Projects this summer!⠀

From the Sacred Valley, students will ride an early morning train ride bound for Aguas Calientes, the town at the base of Machu Picchu. They will then take a bus up the famously winding road to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.⠀

With a local guide, volunteers will spend the day learning about the history and significance of the site and reflecting on their experience in Peru. The group will return to the Sacred Valley in the evening. ⠀

To make sure you are eligible, all Peru Project volunteers must apply and submit their passport information by March 31st.⠀

Apply today! (link in the bio)

Rock the AMIGOS llama with your Amigo!⠀ ⠀
If you refer a friend this month to join you (or even have an AMIGOS adventure of their own) on any AMIGOS program and they list you as a referral on their application, you will BOTH receive limited edition AMIGOS llama fanny packs.⠀

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Travel to Machu Picchu this summer with AMIGOS!⠀

Experience the ancient beauty and stillness of Machu Picchu and learn about Inca traditions that are still relevant today on both our 6-week and 8-week Peru projects.⠀

This excursion is included in the program cost!⠀

Apply by March 31st to save your spot on this excursion! Link in the bio.

Happy Friendship February! Hadley Kyle, a volunteer in Michoacán, México in 2006, shares how her AMIGOS experience led her to a completely unexpected lifelong friendship in "When Partners Become Lifelong Friends" on our blog, La Carta. Link in the bio. ...

"Everyone told me not to worry, that I would “find myself” in college. So I didn’t worry, and the further and further into my college career I got, the more lost I became."⠀

Read more about gap volunteer Helen T.'s experience in "Post-College Amigo" on our blog. Link in the bio.

AMIGOS is committed to access for all of our programs.⠀ ⠀
We are committed to making our programs accessible to anyone who wants to join. We offer need and merit-based financial assistance as well as fundraising support.⠀

Learn more on our Fee and Financial Assistance page at

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