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Getting Out Into Community

As a member of senior staff, I rarely have the opportunity to work in the field. My job involves managing our budget, collaborating with local…

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Shades of Green

Week Four: Fiesta Ambiental at Reserva Montuosa (Chepo, Azuero) Participants officially passed the halfway point of their journey in Azuero, Panama and, to celebrate properly,…

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Life is Made of Moments

What was that you said? Life is made of moments… This summer has had its challenges, but here in Chimborazo, participants are determined to make…

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On Bravery and Making an Impact

After a nearly 100 degree day, when the sun was setting and the heat was starting to dissolve into the night, my male partner and…

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New Experiences

This blog was written by Jack, a Project Supervisor. This last week, the wonderful and vivacious participants of Session B arrived in their communities! Going…

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First Week in Community: Session B

After surviving their first week in community (and thriving, at that!), Session B volunteers are off to a great start this summer! They are all…

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Participant Perspective: Campamento in San Pedro

This blog was written by an AMIGOS participant who discusses their experience at a weekend “campamento” (camp) in the community San Pedro from July 20-22,…

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Despedida: Session B

On Tuesday morning, participants in each of our three communities celebrated with host families, teachers, and kids at the schools the meaningful week they had…

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Last Weekend: Volunteer Perspective

Rincón de las Palmas – Saturday, July 21st – Larissa & Hannah  Our names are Larissa and Hannah. We are 15. Larissa is from Phoenix,…

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