AMIGOS Weeks of Action

December 12–16, 2022
January 23–27, 2023


What is AMIGOS Week of Action? 

The first AMIGOS Week of Action took place in 2021 to engage our community and current students in service projects in their home communities. This year we are continuing this tradition by engaging in service activities during the months of December and January.  


2022 AMIGOS Weeks of Action Dates 

December 12-16, 2022 
January 23-27, 2023 



Current AMIGOS Volunteers in Action 

90 Youth Ambassadors and 40 Social Impact Accelerator volunteers from across 6 countries of the Americas will be implementing service projects in their home communities.  This can take many forms, such as organizing their first beach clean-up, launching the podcast they have been working on, or building beds for their community garden.   


AMIGOS Community in Action 

We are organizing volunteer opportunities in select cities where our local alumni, parent, chapter, and donor community members can connect through service. If you would like to join one of the service days, please see the dates below and RSVP at the link provided.   


2022 Weeks of Action Service Dates and Locations 

Coming soon! 


Help advance our vision of a world where all people are lifelong leaders sharing responsibility for our global community.