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And They’re Off!

6/26 Participants arrived in Quito

6/27-6/29 Briefing in Guamote

6/30 Participant drop-off!

Last week was a blur!

We can’t believe how fast time has flown. It seems like yesterday we were at the airport picking up a bunch of wide eyed and eager group with loose ideas about what they were getting themselves into. After several days of facts, fun (activities) and friendship at the Antiguo Municipio in Guamote those bushy tailed, bright-eyed youths are now prepared for papas with every meal, determined to tackle the unknown, committed to immersing themselves in an unfamiliar, rich culture and are ready to lead in the communities they will serve in.

The experience of a lifetime has begun. Warm welcomes, lots of curiosity, and even a few potlucks set the tone for what is yet to come.

A group of go-getters with clear minds and full hearts (full bellies too), we have high hopes for all our participants this summer and can’t wait to see what crazy amazing things come out of the next six weeks. This will be a summer of growth, exploration and memories that will last a lifetime.

Stay tuned for more amazing captures of participants working hard in their respective communities!

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