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Greetings from the Coclé, Panamá project! Participants and supervisors have been hard at work this week purchasing materials for their community service projects and starting work on them! This week we’d like to give an overview of our projects. Here is a brief summary of each, organized by route.


Sam’s Route:

Tulu Centro is beautifying their school by constructing and painting tire sculptures. Additionally, they are building two goal posts for their soccer field. In Buena Vista de Tulu, they community members are painting the school and water tank for beautification and preservation purposes. In Palmar Arriba, the community is painting the entirety of their school’s lunch room as well as removing the old tables and replacing them with foldable tables and chairs that will be available for community needs on weekends. Palmar Abajo has begun construction on a small park that is designed to accommodate goers of all ages; the park’s name will be Amigos!

Caroline’s Route: In Pajonal, participants are adding to the school orchard. The vegetables harvested will be used in nutritious lunches for the students. In La Mina de Membrillo, community members are excited to build a new bus stop and finish a second one that was started by AMIGOS participants several years ago. These bus stops will be used by residents of La Mina, as well as the tourists that visit La Mina to tour the artisan workshops and see the thermal pools. In Membrillo Centro, the community is adding handrails to community stairs that get slippery when it rains. These stairs were an AMIGOS project from several years ago. The last project on my route is that of Pozo Azul. Pozo Azul is replacing and beautifying the doors of the school.

Lena’s Route: In San Miguel Centro, the community decided to build a covered area for when they play sports. In San Pedro, the project is not yet confirmed. In Tucuecito, they are working hard to renovate the local gathering place (the Casa Local) by painting the walls and updating the kitchen. In Las Minas, they are putting a working toilet in the Casa Local and buying chairs.

Vuk’s Route:

In Barrigón, the two participant sectors of the community came together to implement a larger project: a library room addition in the school. All of the purchases have been made and we are all eager to continue this project!

In Loma Bonita, the participant trio has worked with the community to prepare a space for a chicken coop and sustainable vegetable garden behind the school. They await the arrival of the rest of the materials and the chicks this week as they have all been purchased!

The Trinidad duo has received all of their materials and are already underway on the construction of their storage structure in the community school!

Lydia’s Route:

In Tavidal Arriba, the community decided to create a new floor in the junta local. Tavidal Abajo is replacing the tubing on one of their aqueducts. In Vaquilla, the community decided to make a new fence around the Puesto de Salud. Finally, the community of Boca de las Minas decided to add stoves to their community dining room. Currently, the stoves are located outside.

Carolina’s Route:

In Tucué the community decided to complete the fence around the school in order to strengthen security for the children and school property. In a nearby community called Paso Real, the community has also decided to complete their school fence. In El Bajito de San Miguel, the community voted to build a kitchen for the clinic so that they can provide food for visiting doctors and have a kitchen to use for future fundraising events. In El Caño de San Miguel, they will paint a mural for the school to show community pride.

Rachel’s Route:

Larguillo is renovating the annex to their casa local to better serve community members who are unable to hike for medical assistance in the next town. The renovation will make the annex a more comfortable spot for medical consultations between visiting health professionals and community members.

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