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After four weeks immersed in the local culture, the Session B volunteers’ adventure-filled experience came to an end with a heartfelt candle lighting ceremony where volunteers and project staff reflected on their AMIGOS journey and gave thanks for their new home here in the Dominican Republic.

The volunteers also had the opportunity to purchase gifts and other keepsakes, so they can always remember their new-found family and friends. Many volunteers chose to bring home larimar, a semi-precious gem unique to the Barahona province of the Dominican Republic. Others found beautiful pieces of art, clothing, and jewelry while walking down El Condé, the main street of the Zona Colonial in Santo Domingo. At this final destination, volunteers appreciated their last moments with friends before departing the following morning.

Overall, this summer has been a huge success, and it was an amazing experience for AMIGOS in Barahona. On this project, AMIGOS worked in 20 different communities, completed 37 community-based initiatives, and left a lasting impression throughout the province. These successes could not have been possible without the support of our phenomenal partner agency, PLAN International, which, along with AMIGOS host families, local youth, and community leaders, is already preparing for our return.

On behalf of the entire Barahona project team, we wish the volunteers the best of luck in their future endeavors and commend them for their courage to get out of their element and explore a new culture, language, and lifestyle this summer. ¡Hasta Pronto!

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