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The day has finally come. Our stay at communities has ended and even though the past seven days have been so fulfilling and amazing, it’s still such a bittersweet moment saying goodbye. However, our participants are going to Panamá City knowing that they have built relationships that will last a lifetime. They’re returning to the capital of the country with so many new friends, with the warmth and well wishes from all community members. And even though it was a little sad, today was a blast!

The despedida parties were so much fun, not only for our participants but for the whole community. Host families, local youth participants, school teachers, and friends of AMIGOS all gathered to say goodbye to our group. Of course, there was cake, candy, and pinatas!

And now, off we go to another adventure! For the next couple of days our group is going to be touring Panamá City and participating in close-out activities. We’re all looking forward to seeing the Panamá Canal and strolling around the colonial neighborhood of “Casco Viejo” in the heart of the capital. Our adventure is almost coming to the end, but these last couple of days are going to be great and full of fun activities for the whole group.

Once again our participants have settled in to the homey Casa 33 Hostal, where we will be spending the last two nights. We still have lots of activities to get through but some fun games are in order too.

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