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This week we are featuring our supervisor Ben’s route! Ben is from Denver and works in Larcapungo (Andrew, Aidan, and David), San Francisco (Hallie, Emily, and Eyob), Yacupamba (Katherine and Emma), and Yuracrumi (Sophie and Linnea). Here are some highlights from his first week on route! 


Ben made french fries, rice, and scrambled eggs with Katherine and Emma. They also went to the feria with a host family, and volunteers here are learning to milk cows.


Volunteers here are running community meetings with the community president and young people in the community, have already begun campamentos with kids in the community. They also ate cuy calmari!


Ben and volunteers saw the Milky Way and shooting stars from the Southern Hemisphere. Volunteers also went on a hike with a fantastic view.

San Francisco

Ben and volunteers here also went on a hike, and spent some quality time around a campfire with an awesome host family.

Ben and his volunteers have a lot to look forward to, as well. There are upcoming youth encuentros and volunteers are working hard to collaborate with jovenes in their communities. One of the communities is working on a micro-empresa that will involve vacuum packing potatoes! It is sure to be an eventful summer! 


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