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This week was the last week of route! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by.

I started off the week in Cedral, where Shandra, Sloane, and Logan have been working every morning to finish painting the church. They’ve been collecting plants as well that will eventually be planted in a garden in front of the church. We also had the opportunity to tour a large coffee farm within their community.

On Tuesday I made my way to Santa Teresa, where Brenna and Emma spend every afternoon painting the salon comunal with their new community friend, Angelica! On Wednesday, the whole route started the morning with a hike to a beautiful waterfall near Cedral. Then I headed to Santa Marta where Bella and Isabel have spent every morning for the past two weeks completing all three of their mini projects with their extremely dedicated youth group. On Thursday, I finished up route in San Francisco, where I got to visit Kale, Ocean, and Alana’s freshly painted soccer game stands.

My last week on route was incredibly special. I loved seeing all the volunteers at home with their host families, laughing with them, telling me stories of the weeks past, and preparing for the hard goodbyes. It was clear to me that each community has developed a special bond with each of their volunteers and I definitely ended the week with a sense of pride and appreciation for this experience.

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