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What was that you said?

Life is made of moments…

This summer has had its challenges, but here in Chimborazo, participants are determined to make the most of the time they have left in community; cherishing time with their host family and enjoying their partner(s). This unique opportunity this summer has allowed for growth on all fronts and has given way to many memories that participants aren’t sure to forget anytime soon.

With a little less than two weeks left, many participants have already begun to feel the bitter sweetness of the fast approaching farewells. Since last week, it seems that participants have found their roots in the communities they are living in this summer. Many have exchanged friendship bracelets with host siblings and others have even milked a cow with their host mom.

In the same vein, many of the participant along with local youth in community have been working hard to complete plans of action for a small business. With the competition just around the corner, there is talk and are plans to go “all out” and woo the judges with stellar presentations. In some of my community visits I overheard talk of songs, poems, face-paint…Saturday, August 4th will definitely be one for the books!

Once completed, the business will be run by community members upon the departure of the participants.

Check back next week to see videos and photos from Shark Tank – Guamote to meet the winners and see fun photos from the competition! Until then, enjoy the cool photos below of participants making the most of their last 13 days in community!

Tris Brown
Senior Project Supervisor

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