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While volunteers spend most of their time in-country with their host families and communities, they were able to be tourists in Guaranda for midterm. After phoning their families, volunteers enjoyed pizza before heading out on a tour to several different tourist places in Guaranda. We visited Las Cochas, the guitar museum, and a spot where you can see the entire city from above! Before heading back to community, volunteers were able to explore the city and run some errands (mostly buying cookies and knock-off shoes).

In Larcaloma, Drew, Ili, and Rosa are having a blast. They are so well integrated into their host family and they can’t believe they only have 2 more weeks. Drew enjoys sharing his favorite music with his host family while Ili continues to improve her potato peeling and yarn-making skills. Rosa plays a large role in community meetings ensuring all AMIGOS information is delivered. Next week Drew, Ili, Rosa, and Kirsten will all be attending the graduation of Nüna and Samya, 2 of the host sisters!

In Canllushí, Kathryn and Manuela are getting along very well, Kathryn has accepted and surpassed the challenge of speaking Spanish 24/7! They both enjoy taking walks in the community and being able to talk about things outside of AMIGOS. Kathryn is very excited she can now peel a potato with just one peel! On Wednesday, Kathryn, Manuela, and Kirsten will be preparing a special meal of cuy (guinea pig) for both of their host families!

In Manzanapamba, Myuyen and Suzy are enjoying eating with different families every day in their rotating meal plan because it provides them with some more variety than bowls of potatoes! They both enjoy participating in the daily activities and chores in their families such as washing clothes even though the water is freezing. Myuyen and Suzy are getting to know their community members well and have fun working with the kids at campamentos every day.

In Quindigua, Tadhg, Gazel, and Mari have been getting a slower start due to their community being new to AMIGOS, but have come up with creative solutions and remain enthusiastic! They are excited to continue with their community project of a guinea pig farm, which they will present about on Tuesday at our youth encuentro.

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