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We are so proud our participants! They made to the halfway point of their AMIGOS summer experience and on Saturday, the 21st of July, we celebrated their commitment to growth and to being global stewards in their communities.

Participants met with their supervisors in Guamote, ready and expectant for what the day would hold. The first order of business and top priority of many of the participants: Calls home. Many participants had been in communication with their families upon arrival to Ecuador, but this was the first time since then that they had the opportunity to talk to loved ones. And then there were smiles…

Rejuvenated by conversations with mom, sister, dad and/or brother, the participants were in full tilt; little did they know their supervisors had another surprise in store for them. After wrapping up in Guamote, participants and supervisors alike boarded a bus and went 30 minutes up the way to a neighboring community called Colta.

Arriving to the scenic lake the with a few clouds shrouding the surrounding hills, participants rounded the corner and were ecstatic at what they found. PIZZA! Many of the participants requested or had mentioned to their supervisors about having a craving for pizza in weekly check-ins. After having had a diet of potatoes and soups and beans, the pizza never stood a chance. After enjoying their slices and goody bag of little treats and encouraging words made by the Senior Leadership Team, participants were free to roam and reconnect with friends. During this excursion, participants purchased local knick-knacks and trinkets. Time flies when you are having fun and just like that, it did. After a day of reconnecting, grubbing, and lots of photos, it was time for the participants to return to their respective communities.


Now, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated by the voices of loved ones and seeing their friends, participants are ready to tackle the second half of their summer and hopefully bring home the gold at the Shark Tank-esque encuentro juvenil.

This will be a busy week as participants kick into full-gear with project planning. Many of the plans submitted show that communities are bringing their A-game this year and are ready to begin the small business venture adventure.

Who will take home the gold?

Upcoming Events:

July 30thParticipants were asked to submit designs for the project t-shirt. The participants this summer are so talented; we received many options, it was difficult to choose. Alas, a design was chosen and a member of SLT will be taking the design to a local print shop this week!

August 4th – Encuentro Juvenil #2: The participants and community youth will be pitching their CBI (small business) to a panel of judges. Points will be awarded in categories like creativity of project and presentation.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive cash prizes to help along the works they are doing in their community.


Tris Brown

Senior Project Supervisor

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