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This blog was written by Jack, a Project Supervisor.

This last week, the wonderful and vivacious participants of Session B arrived in their communities! Going on route and seeing how my kids were adjusting to their new surroundings was a joy and even within the first few days I have seen huge strides from everyone.

In Santa Eduviges, Jack and Eli hosted extracurricular activities with youngsters and were such a hit that one of the kids exclaimed that he couldn’t wait for the next session. They got to attend a festival in community celebrating La Anexion del Partido de Nicoya in which they saw some traditional dances and ate some tasty Costa Rican treats too.

In San Ramon Norte, Jessica and Alex have been doing really cool work on their service project (finishing a kitchenette by the soccer field!) while meeting lots of local youth. Almost the entire youth group showed up to throw Jessica a surprise birthday party! They are a great team and have already won over the hearts of several community members.

In San Ramon Sur Victoria and Ariany are putting in lots of hours on their project (putting in classified waste receptacles!), but didn’t forget to set aside some fun time too. They went to the beach with Ariany’s host family and had a blast. Back in community they have been walking a ton and their host families absolutely adore them.

In Berlin de Paramo, Cora and Sophia have been getting accustomed to life at altitude and have seen everything from waterfalls to toucans. Even cooler are the people in Berlin, who have really absorbed Cora and Sophia into community life. Just the other evening they attended a movie night in the town with 15 other local teens.

Though its been only a few days I can already start to see these participants really come into their own as they take the challenge of AMIGOS head-on!

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