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What a week in community! The volunteers arrived last Saturday in their communities and have each had an eventful week getting to know their host families, exploring the beautiful Costan Rican landscape, and enjoying their daily cafecito.

Each day is filled with the volunteers working on community microprojects, spending afternoons with the community youth, and getting to know members of their new home.

All of the volunteers have been doing amazing and noteworthy work. To highlight a few communities, Herradura, Chimirol, Canaán, and San José de Rivas have had a successful week diving into projects and developing strong relationships.

Volunteers, Evelyn, Mandy, and Cayenne arrived in Herradura last Saturday during a very special church festival. They got to experience an opera show, various circus acts, and the fun energy of this beautiful community.

In Canaán, volunteers David and Nicholas have demonstrated incredible hard work on their community project, helping in the creation of a church garden. Canaán, which is full of incredible small businesses, has a local bakery, which is owned by their host family. This Saturday they got the incredible opportunity to sell the bread with the family at a market on the beach.

In San José de Rivas, volunteers Anton and Max got to visit their host dad’s beautiful farm. After climbing up the rolling green hills, the volunteers experienced the tranquility and peace of the countryside. The volunteers additionally got to welcome a new baby cow into the family farm.

In Chimirol, volunteers Sofia and Mia have taken a hobby of bracelet making into a community wide experience, making friendship bracelets for children and parents. Additionally, within days, the volunteers almost completed their community project of painting the local salon, and now have been asked to take their artistic abilities to create a mural next week.

While only highlighting four communities here, all 24 communities and all 59 volunteers have already experienced so much success and are looking forward to another eventful week before their time in the national parks.

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